Nightmares Come Alive in Reverse: 1999 Update

Bluepoch Games released a chilling new update for their immersive strategic RPG, Reverse: 1999. Dubbed “A Nightmare at Green Lake,” this major content update unveils frightened new characters and spine-tingling events set around a haunted campsite with a foreboding lake.

Jessica, the Ominous Forest Dweller

Jessica in Reverse 1999

The highlight of this update is the addition of Jessica, an intriguing new 6-star playable character. Described as a mysterious forest dweller with uncertain origins, Jessica’s humble appearance belies her surprisingly formidable powers. She is a shapeshifting changeling who lurks near the Green Lake Campsite, where her unsettling character story chapter, “One Flews Over the Old House,” takes place.

While seemingly meek and timid initially, Jessica harbors a primitive, cruel instinct behind her harmless façade. As players experience her tale and take her into battles, they will gradually uncover the disturbing truth about her capricious and potentially dangerous nature. Is she friend or foe? Or a turbulent mix of both?

Horropedia Joins the Creeping Nightmare

Winter warmth comes alive in Reverse 1999

But Jessica isn’t the only new ally that players can recruit from this update. There is also Horropedia, an occulty investigator working for the arcane St. Pavlov’s Foundation as a necrologist. It remains ambiguous whether Horropedia will divulge revelations about Jessica’s shadowed past, or if he instead has his own cryptic agenda at play.

Both Jessica and Horropedia can be summoned via the new fateful “The Changeling Awaits” rate-up banner, which provides boosted drop rates for these characters.

Generous New Events and Rewards

A Come Alive winter special events page for Reverse 1999

Aside from the fresh faces, the “Green Lake” update introduces additional activities and prizes. The Winter Warmth II sign-in event gives fans 7 days of log-in bonuses. Special time-limited winter events furnish rewards like Clear Drops and fateful summons for the formidable 6-star character The Golden Thread.

Players may unravel The Golden Thread to pick one 6-star character out of:

● The Golden Thread Ⅰ: Druvis Ⅲ, An-an Lee, Sotheby

● The Golden Thread Ⅱ: Centurion, Medicine Pocket, Ms. NewBabel, Eternity

● The Golden Thread Ⅲ: A Knight, Lilya, Voyager, Regulus

The “A Night Visit to the Lake” event enables players to collect FAME Cards and claim an exclusive new costume for the mysterious Eagle. Advancing into the new main story chapters also unlocks extra events like “A Tooth for a Tooth,” with more formidable challenges that promise epic equipment.

For enthusiasts of suspenseful retro horror themes, this eerie update looks set to deliver a gratifying wave of thrills. Check out Reverse: 1999 now on mobile or PC or visit the official website.

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