Fight for Love in New Turn-Based Superhero Dating Game Nova Hearts

Romance and danger meet head-on in Nova Hearts, the spellbinding upcoming release from Lightbulb Crew that blends dating simulation with tactical combat challenges in a gorgeously-crafted world filled with intrigue, drama and difficult choices.

Mysterious Force Transforms Locals Into Heroes…and Villains

An inexplicable cosmic energy invests a group of unassuming individuals with incredible superpowers, setting them on radically divergent paths as they process their newfound gifts and talents. While many dedicate themselves to protecting humanity from threats both terrestrial and otherworldly, others descend into villainy, assembling crews of henchmen and hatching reality-threatening schemes.

Suit Up in Style to Save the Day and Woo Allies

As compelling new heroes and enticing villains emerge from the source material’s rich and diverse cast of characters rendered in eye-popping anime-inspired visuals, players will forge alliances and confront their feelings while adventuring, all brought to life with full Japanese voice acting. With dozens of costumes and customization options to unlock, getting battle-ready has never been more fabulous.

Text, Chat and Date with Friends and Nemeses

A superhero girl with mesmerizing blue eyes and striking blue hair passionately fights for love.

Off the battlefield, building strong bonds through meaningful dialogue choices and encouraging dating options shapes relationships in impactful ways, leading to unlockable story content. But tread carefully – a misinterpreted gesture could mean losing a partner’s trust right when the team needs it most! Succeeding means expertly balancing smashing good looks with tactical finesse.

Strategic, Addictive Turn-Based Combat

When dimensional invaders threaten humanity, only a squad of high-flying, fast-hitting heroes and villains boasting slick signature moves can repel them. By judiciously coordinating melee-focused brawlers, ranged blasters, stealthy rogues, stalwart defenders and versatile utility characters, victory can be snatched from overwhelming odds. Exploiting enemy elemental and terrain weaknesses while capitalizing on strengths of uniquely-outfitted party members provides gripping, white-knuckle showdowns demanding cleverness alongside camaraderie.

A screenshot of the video game Nova Hearts with a woman in the background.

With full cross-play functionality and a continually expanding universe courtesy of a packed 2024 DLC slate, January’s free PC launch kicks off what is sure to be an exciting, ongoing adventure for aesthetic connoisseurs craving romantic connections, pulse-pounding battles, and saving the world in style.

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