PAYDAY 3 Developers Respond to Community Feedback with Planned Improvements

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The developers of the highly anticipated PAYDAY 3 have been actively compiling community feedback to help shape significant changes and improvements for the game prior to its release. Multiple categories have been identified as needing attention to enhance the overall PAYDAY 3 experience.

Addressing Key Pain Points in Solo Play

One consistent area of feedback has centered on issues with solo play and accommodating individual player preferences. As a result, the developers aim to introduce a standalone solo mode that does not require an internet connection. This solo experience will be implemented in two distinct phases.

Additionally, improvements are planned for the cooperative gameplay to facilitate better stability, matchmaking speed, and server browsing capabilities. These changes will help bring teams together for more seamless jobs.

Enhancing Progression and Rewards

The community has also advocated for revisions to the progression system to be more engaging and rewarding for players.

The original challenge-based progression did not resonate well, so the developers are replacing it with a streamlined infamy progression that ties directly to completing heists. This updated structure will work to better motivate progression.

A website highlighting the 2020 improvement highlights of PAYDAY 3, based on community feedback.

The rewards system is also being overhauled to improve the experience gain for both new and veteran players. Expect a greater variety of rewards including weapons, mods, masks, patterns, materials, colors, skins textures, animations, gestures, weapon charms through infamy progression.

Upgrading Features for Better User Experience

Across the board, there are plans to upgrade PAYDAY 3’s features for a smoother user experience. This includes an UI revamp for cleaner interfaces, easier navigation and improved theme communication.

There will also be an increased focus on releasing new content updates including free heists, skill lines, cosmetic items and more. The developers are also actively reviewing pricing models for future DLC based directly on player feedback regarding what feels reasonable.

Doubling Down on Core Heisting Experience

By reallocating resources originally planned for Unreal Engine 5 updates, the team aims to double down on perfecting the core PAYDAY 3 experience even prior to the game’s release date.

Immediate goals include improvements to Quickplay, renaming loadouts, enhanced controller support on PC, and additional changes to be implemented based on player feedback.

The developers encourage the community to continue sharing their thoughts and reactions as this feedback will actively shape the direction of PAYDAY 3. More updates will be shared via the PAYDAY 3 Development Blog and a Reddit AMA session.

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