PUBG’s 10th Map RONDO and New Gun Arriving Next Month

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is getting a new map next month. PUBG Corporation has announced that RONDO, the battle royale game’s 10th map, will launch on PC on December 6 and on consoles on December 14.

RONDO is an expansive 8×8 km map, making it the largest playable area in PUBG yet. The map combines traditional and modern elements, offering players a blend of traditional charm and contemporary vibrancy through its diverse regions.

Blend of Old and New

An image of a bus in a warehouse, showcasing the latest PUBG update featuring a new gun and introducing the exciting 10th map.

According to the announcement, RONDO features lakes, bamboo groves, ridges, and a modern cityscape complete with skyscrapers and neon signs. This fusion of traditional and contemporary environments in one map provides fresh gameplay variety.

The lakes and groves offer natural combat zones for long-range shootouts and stealthy ambushes. The cityscape introduces close-quarters battle across streets and buildings.

Destructible Bamboo in PUBG RONDO

A stunning 3D image showcasing a serene bamboo forest.
Destructible Bamboo in PUBG

An interesting new gameplay element in RONDO is destructible bamboo. Players can shoot through bamboo groves to destroy individual bamboo stalks. This adds a tactical layer, allowing for new strategies like flushing out hiding opponents.

The destructible bamboo is one example of the environmental interactivity RONDO provides.

Transportation Options

RONDO also introduces city-specific transportation like the Mid-Level Escalator located in Jadena City. Players can utilize the escalator for rapid vertical traversal when navigating the city.

Overall, RONDO aims to enhance PUBG gunplay through its diverse environments and tactically interesting features.

New PUBG Weapon – 9mm JS9 SMG

In addition to the new map, PUBG is adding a new weapon – the 9mm JS9 submachine gun. The JS9 has a lower recoil, higher muzzle velocity, and can be fired automatically, differentiating it from other SMGs.

The JS9 diversifies late-game loadout options and will no doubt be a hot commodity on RONDO.

PUBG’s Evolution

A screenshot of PUBG's 10th Map RONDO, showcasing the exciting gameplay and featuring a player wielding a powerful New Gun.
Stadium in RONDO PUBG

RONDO represents PUBG’s continued evolution since its early access launch in 2017. PUBG now has 10 distinct maps along with new mechanics and weapons added through seasonal content updates.

RONDO is the first new PUBG map since Taego was introduced in July 2021. Its launch next month provides PUBG fans an exciting new battleground to master.

With RONDO, PUBG offers players both nostalgia and novelty through the map’s unique blend of traditional and contemporary environments.

PUBG players can drop into RONDO starting December 6 on PC and December 14 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia. Learn more about RONDO and the new JS9 smg on the official PUBG site.

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