Relax and Rejuvenate with Preserve, an Upcoming Nature-Building PC Game

Grindstone has recently announced an upcoming nature-building game called Preserve, developed by Bitmap Galaxy. Slated for a summer 2024 release on PC, this cozy and strategic puzzle game allows players to create vibrant ecosystems spanning diverse biomes.

Harmonize Habitats in Preserve’s Puzzling Gameplay

A image of a Preserve island with trees and flowers, preserved in its natural beauty.

At its core, Preserve is a puzzle game that tasks players with establishing balanced ecosystems. You’ll place down plants, animals, terrain, and other natural elements, striving to enable interspecies symbiosis across vertically-expanding maps.

The gameplay has been designed for a smooth, stress-free experience. Between the soothing ambient music and the vibrant aesthetics, Preserve seems ideal for relaxing after a long day.

Create a Myriad of Beautiful Biomes

In Preserve, you’ll construct lavish natural habitats ranging from coniferous forests to coral reefs. Biomes featured at launch include:

  • Alpine Forests: Craft evergreen woodlands accented by snowy mountain peaks.
  • Arid Deserts: Build sun-scorched vistas dotted with oases.
  • Caribbean Reefs: Develop undulating seascapes brimming with tropical fish.
Preserve trailer

The development team has implemented multi-layered maps. You can essentially stack biomes atop one another, ensuring seamless transitions between adjoining ecosystems. This should lead to some spectacular creations.

Upcycle Natural Wonders Through Cards

A mesmerizing screenshot showcasing Preserve

As you play, you’ll earn cards that confer rare environmental phenomena onto your habitats. These range from the aurora borealis to fields of aromatic lavender. It’s a great way to put the finishing flourish on a painstakingly designed biome.

By accumulating cards, you can eventually access natural wonders. These include snow-covered alps, rocky archipelagos, and misty bonsai forests. It’s bound to be a treat seeing what natural spectacle appears next!

Game Modes Provide Endless Enjoyment

Preserve will ship with the following modes:

  • Harmony: Meet set conditions for symbiotic ecosystems.
  • Puzzle: Solve tricky environmental dilemmas.
  • Creative: Construct biomes with no restrictions.
  • Photo: Derived endless wallpaper backdrops.

Between these varied playstyles and the expansive construction features, Preserve offers nearly unlimited replay value. It’s easy to see players losing countless hours cultivating resplendent nature scenes.

Preserve Release Date

Published by Grindstone and developed by the Slovakia-based Bitmap Galaxy, Preserve launches on PC platforms this summer. Fans can already wishlist the game via its Steam page in anticipation of its Q3 2024 release. For more information, visit X, Discord or Facebook.

If you enjoy slow-paced, creative games like city-builders or colony sims, be sure to keep Preserve on your radar. With its Zen-inspiring presence and one-of-a-kind terrain stacking mechanics, this may just be the ultimate biodiverse paradise sim.

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