Revolutionizing Horror Gaming: SUPERNORMAL Unveils Trailblazing Features and Next-Gen Graphics

Hitori De Productions has kicked off the last leg of promotion for their upcoming title, ‘SUPERNORMAL,’ a game that promises to redefine psychological horror, with the release of their latest trailer.

SUPERNORMAL is inspired by the discontinued ‘Allison Road’ project, which generated a lot of interest six or seven years ago before being seemingly abandoned by the developers. Hitori De Productions has clearly taken influence from Allison Road, but appears to also be carving out a unique approach to the horror genre.

The developers promise an immersive experience backed by next-generation graphics and unique interactive gameplay mechanics. The trailer video highlights a blend of story-driven puzzles and some dark scenes within a startlingly ordinary apartment.

Gameplay Basics and Overview

Players will inhabit the world through Detective Wyatt, navigating a complex tapestry of clues and paranormal encounters. SUPERNORMAL’s mechanics are a fresh take on interactive storytelling where every element, every shadow, can be a pivotal piece of the puzzle. There are two entirely different endings and it’s up to you to decide which path you’ll take to get there.

The use of the apartment’s cameras integrated into the gameplay and your ability to interact with the supernatural entities via your microphone is a bit different and should make for a fun experience for this horror-genre title.

The game is being built on the Unreal Engine 5 so visually the possibilities are endless and will accommodate PC players and well as previous and current generation consoles. The developers have said that the game will have randomized paranormal events which should help replayability and that they’ve made heavy use of photo-scanned graphics to get the most out of the game visually.

With a scheduled January 8, 2024 release date, SUPERNORMAL is in the final stretch of its initial development cycle and looks like it could be something to start the new year off with a bit of a jumpscare. I love a good horror game and the presentation and visuals in this when combined with some of the mechanics look like something I’ll really enjoy.

SUPERNORMAL is available now on Steam to Wishlist.

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