RIN: The Last Child – A Brand New Metroidvania Experience

Introducing RIN: The Last Child

An exciting new Metroidvania action-adventure game called RIN: The Last Child is set to launch on January 25th on Steam, developed by the indie studio Space Fox Games based in Poland. This story-driven 2D side-scroller puts players in control of Rin, the last remaining child of the Creator who must embark on a mythical quest to save the world of Aradia using magical abilities.

Saving a Land Left for Dead

In the game, Aradia is a fantasy realm on the brink of destruction after Rin’s older siblings fail in their attempts to restore life to the decaying land. As her father the Creator grieves the loss of his elder children, players take on the role of Rin who possesses a unique power to harness Aspects of Magic. She alone holds the last hope to heal Aradia by replenishing its sources of magic before all light and life fades away completely.

A screenshot of a Metroidvania video game in a dark and dying world.

Cast Spells and Change Destiny

A major game feature allows Rin to discover and combine different Aspects of Magic to cast powerful spells which can blast enemies or manipulate the environment. Players can choose which Aspects to equip Rin with on her journey, creating a customized magical arsenal catered to their playstyle. The game also presents difficult narrative decisions which alter the course of the story and ultimately determine whether Rin saves Aradia or succumbs to the same fate as her siblings.

Gorgeous Retro Art Style

A screenshot of a Metroidvania game in a dark forest portraying a dying world with a glimmer of hope.

Complementing the tragic fairy-tale atmosphere is a stunning pixel art visual style bringing the fantasy setting to life. Each magical Aspect has a unique vivid color and mesmerizing animation when cast as a spell. Most of the storytelling occurs through vibrant character dialogue portraits and dramatic manga-style illustrations accompanying pivotal story moments. Fans of retro Metroidvania games who enjoy crafted worlds loaded with lore will find the look and feel of RIN: The Last Child highly appealing.

Set to launch at $19.99 USD, RIN: The Last Child shapes up to be a magical, emotional journey filled with adventure, relationships, and meaningful choices. You can support this ambitious indie production by adding the game to your Steam Wishlist before its January 25th debut.

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