SCUM Showcases its Brutal and Immersive Survival Experience

Gamepires, the developer behind the popular multiplayer survival game SCUM, has released a new gameplay trailer that gives players a glimpse into the game’s brutal and dangerous world.

The trailer showcases the island’s beautiful landscapes, from lush forests to sandy beaches, highlighting the game’s attention to detail and immersive atmosphere.

However, the island’s beauty is juxtaposed with the constant threats players must face to survive. The trailer reveals hordes of enemies, known as puppets, that players must fight or avoid to stay alive. These AI-controlled enemies add an extra layer of challenge to the already demanding survival experience.

Choose Your Allies Wisely

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SCUM combat

In SCUM, players have the option to team up with others to increase their chances of survival or choose to brave the island’s dangers alone.

The trailer emphasizes the importance of making alliances, as other players can be valuable allies or deadly foes. Trust and betrayal are key elements in this unforgiving multiplayer landscape.

SCUM gameplay trailer

The game’s combat system is also showcased, with intense firefights and melee encounters highlighting the game’s realistic and engaging gameplay. Players must scavenge for weapons and resources to defend themselves against the island’s many threats.

Unprecedented Customization and Progression

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SCUM character customization

One of SCUM’s standout features is its deep character customization and progression system. Players have complete control over their character’s appearance, skills, and abilities. As they survive and explore the island, players can craft resources from the natural landscape and improve their character’s attributes to better suit their playstyle.

The trailer emphasizes that only those with the necessary skills, cunning, and guts will be able to survive in this harsh and unforgiving world. Every decision matters, and players must constantly adapt to the challenges thrown their way.

About Gamepires and SCUM’s Success

An intense action scene in SCUM featuring an explosive blast and characters engaged in a brutal firefight.

SCUM is developed by Gamepires, a studio based in Zagreb, Croatia, with over a decade of experience in game development. Founded in 2010, Gamepires has become known for creating engaging and immersive multiplayer experiences.

Since its Early Access launch, SCUM has been a massive success, selling over 3 million copies and consistently ranking among Steam’s top 100 most played games.

The game’s popularity caught the attention of Jagex, a company renowned for creating beloved live games like RuneScape. In 2022, Jagex acquired Gamepires, bringing their expertise and resources to help further develop and expand the SCUM universe.

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For players eager to dive into the world of SCUM, the game is currently available on Steam with a limited-time 50% discount. So if you’re looking for a brutal survival, combat, and character progression experience at a reduced price, jump on this offer.

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