SPINE Brings Cinematic Gun Fu Action to Life in New Gameplay Trailer

The first gameplay trailer for SPINE, an upcoming story-driven gun fu action game, premiered earlier today during the PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted. Developed by Nekki and coming to PC and consoles, SPINE aims to deliver a slick, cinematic adventure bursting with stylistic flair. We think it’s looking a lot like Mirror’s Edge and are excitedly watching this title’s development.

Rebel Against the AI Regime

SPINE combat in the streets

In SPINE, you play as Redline, a rebellious street artist fighting back against Tensor Corporation – an oppressive AI overlord ruling the cyberpunk metropolis with an iron fist. Armed with expert parkour skills and a few trusty guns, Redline wages a vigilante war to expose Tensor’s lies and liberate her city.

She’s not alone though. Redline is accompanied by her very own AI sidekick named Spine, an implant fused to her nervous system. As you build rapport and trust with Spine throughout the story, he gradually enhances Redline’s combat abilities for increasingly spectacular action.

Check out the SPINE Trailer below

Gun Ballet Meets Martial Arts

SPINE’s gameplay combines hard-hitting gunplay with flowing martial arts moves for a unique take on gun fu action. Expect white-knuckle shootouts and physics-driven impacts blended with elegant beat ‘em up combos. Duo takedowns with Spine also let you unleash devastating signature moves, like using an enemy as a human shield.

It’s all captured with an immersive camera system designed under the guidance of professional stunt coordinators and action filmmakers. Dynamic perspectives and snappy cuts between moves make every room-clearing brawl feel like stepping into a John Wick sequence.

We are thrilled to unveil SPINE and invite players to experience what we hope would be a new level in cinematic action gaming.”

From John Wick to District 13, we adore those films so much, and want to make this game an ode to our favorite movie genres.”

Dmitry Pimenov, producer of SPINE.

Vibrant Visuals and Lifelike Animation

SPINE action

Nekki leverages its in-house Cascadeur animation engine and Unreal Engine 5 to make SPINE’s combat feel authentic and hard-hitting. Subtle details like the recoil of a shotgun, sweeping kicks that generate momentum, and the sheer brutality of melee impacts all shine in motion. Redline especially moves with a lifelike, parkour athlete’s grace as she vaults and wall runs through Tensor’s strongholds.

These fluid animations pop against the backdrop of a gorgeously rendered city blanketed in vibrant, neon-tinged graffiti. Just watching Redline tag corporate propaganda with street art makes for an appealing aesthetic all its own.

SPINE Promises a Blockbuster Cyberpunk Thriller

With cinematic action direction, slick gun fu gameplay, and compelling themes of rebellion against AI totalitarianism, SPINE looks to deliver a riveting single-player adventure. Whether you’re a fan of stylistic shooters, martial arts brawlers, or cyberpunk dystopias, keep this one on your radar.

Wishlist SPINE on Steam now to stay updated on its launch across PC and consoles. You can also join the game’s community on its official website, Discord server, Twitter, Facebook page, and Reddit.

Nekki additionally publishes SPINE: Bullet Dancers, a companion webtoon comic that lets fans dig into the game’s world.

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