Star Trek: Resurgence Coming to Steam in May

We could start this post off with a bunch of Star Trek puns about preparing to boldly go where no game has gone before, but instead we’ll just lead with the news that Star Trek: Resurgence is coming to Steam.

Originally launched on consoles and the Epic Games Store, the well-received narrative adventure will now be available to PC gamers on Steam in May this year.

Star Trek: Resurgence Story

Two people are sitting in a cockpit in Star Trek: Resurgence
Shuttle in Star Trek: Resurgence

Developed by Dramatic Labs, a studio comprised of ex-Telltale Games staff responsible for bringing choice-driven stories to acclaimed series like The Walking Dead, Star Trek: Resurgence aims to capture the spirit of exploration and discovery synonymous with the franchise.

Set one year after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, the game thrusts players onto the U.S.S. Resolute as it responds to a mysterious distress signal, kicking off an epic adventure brimming with drama, intrigue, and the threat of alien forces.

In Resurgence, players will inhabit two unique perspectives: Jara Rydek, the Resolute’s First Officer struggling with her half-Romulan heritage, and Carter Diaz, an engineering crewmember eager to prove himself.

Their choices will shape the narrative and ultimately determine the fate of the Resolute crew as they contend with freak spacial accidents, hostile aliens, and questions of what it means to be human.

Along the way, fan-favorite characters like Captain William T. Riker – voiced by Jonathon Frakes – and Ambassador Spock will offer wisdom and insight to guide players in upholding Starfleet’s highest ideals.

Captain William T. Riker in Star Trek: Resurgence
Captain William T. Riker – Image credit: Star Trek: Resurgence

The game promises appearances from other familiar faces as well that are sure to delight Trekkies.

To Boldly Go Where No Game Has Gone Before

A screenshot of Star Trek: Resurgence.

Known for valuing scientific accuracy and character authenticity, Star Trek: Resurgence aims to capture the essence of the beloved sci-fi series through rich worldbuilding and an original storyline that fits right into existing canon. Developer Dramatic Labs boasts creative leads who have decades of experience writing for Star Trek television series, working intimately with franchise lore.

Resurgence has already been hailed as a narrative tour de force on PlayStation, Xbox and PC (Epic Games Store), garnering an 8/10 review score on and a 4.5/5 user score on the Epic Games Store.

Set phasers to stun (yes we couldn’t resist some Star Trek witticisms) and prepare to embark on an interstellar adventure beyond imagination. An all-new Star Trek epic awaits when Resurgence drops May 23rd on Steam.

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