Step into the Workshop of the Future with 3D PrintMaster Simulator Printer

Transport yourself to an immersive printing workshop filled with creativity and innovation with Midnight Games’ latest simulation title – 3D PrintMaster Simulator Printer. This brand new indie game puts players in charge of their very own 3D printing business, providing a uniquely craft-focused management experience that is definitely unique in the genre.

Construct Your Dream 3D Printer

A screen shot of a computer screen showing a 3D PrintMaster in a futuristic workshop.

Unlike most simulator games which take place in pre-fabricated environments, a major draw of 3D PrintMaster is the ability to build your printers entirely from scratch.

3D PrintMaster Sim Printer

By collecting materials and components, you can construct, upgrade and customize printing machines to fit your exact specifications and management style. With over 500 machine parts to discover and utilize, you have an astonishing level of control over your budding 3D print enterprise.

Streamlined Gameplay Lets You Focus on Creating

A 3D printmaster simulator room filled with numerous boxes.

Developer Midnight Games has opted for more accessible crafting mechanics, cutting down on unnecessary filler in favor of highlighting the creative elements which make simulator games shine. Intuitive drag and drop assembly, step-by-step crafting guides and slick point-and-click calibration tools help players spend less time preparing and more time producing eye-catching 3D printed works.

3D PrintMaster Features

The 3d printmaster is utilizing a simulator to operate a 3d printer on a desk.

The game features interesting gameplay including:

  • Construct 3D printers from the ground up using realistic tools like wrenches, hex keys, and screws.
  • Improve and customize your printers with upgrades to make your workshop more efficient.
  • Receive and complete customer orders for 3D prints ranging from fundamental to intricate designs.
  • Administer your plastic materials inventory to access better commissions and build up your workshop’s talents.
  • Express your creativity without limits in the game’s unlimited constructive mode.
  • Barter your aging printer components and filaments for more sophisticated, cutting-edge gear.
  • Maneuver around an active virtual economy driven by the shifting supply versus demand of your printable creations.
  • Hands-on building mechanics provide an appealingly practical simulation experience.

Vibrant In-Game Economy Drives Business Growth

3D PrintMaster Simulator

Keeping your print shop well-stocked is key as you fill orders and amp up production. Locating the right materials can be a challenge, as market prices in PrintMaster’s robust in-game economy fluctuate depending on availability and demand.

Secure more exotic filaments to craft premium artisan prints and unlock new customization abilities for your printers.

Modern Indie Studio Midnight Games Celebrates Creativity

3D PrintMaster comes courtesy of the ambitious indie development and publishing firm Midnight Games. Dedicated to pushing the envelope of creativity in the simulation genre, Midnight Games collaborates with fresh talents to produce games that emphasize originality and craft mastery.

Early reception of the inventive PrintMaster has been overwhelmingly positive, winning Midnight acclaim for their supportive work environment and drive to redefine played-out management sim tropes.

Prepare for a simulation experience that’s equal parts running a business and controlling an artist’s studio. 3D PrintMaster Simulator Printer is out now on Steam, or check out their website for more information.

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