Street Fighter’s Newest Challenger Ed Punches His Way Into the Ring

Come February 27th, players will be able to step into the ring with Street Fighter’s newest returning fighter. Ed, the series’ 21st playable character, joins the fight bringing an arsenal of hard-hitting punches and a brand new stage depicting the aftermath of Shadaloo’s destruction.

With Ed’s arrival comes quality-of-life updates, new cosmetics, and more ways to celebrate the Capcom Cup’s 10 year anniversary.

A New Challenger with Packed Punches

Once just a non-playable enemy character, Ed has undergone significant changes to become a unique playable fighter focused solely on punching attacks. Having disposed of his psycho powers, all of Ed’s moves now utilize his fists, better reflecting the boxer-in-training presented in Street Fighter V.

A screenshot of the newest challenger, Ed, in Street Fighter unleashing powerful punches.

Ed’s addition expands Street Fighter 6’s diverse roster. Players can battle with him across the game’s modes starting February 27th.

Ruined Lab Stage and Boxing Cosmetics

Accompanying Ed’s release is the new Ruined Lab stage, portraying the aftermath of Shadaloo’s destruction. The stage transports players to the rubble of M. Bison’s former evil lair. S.I.N labels and flashes of blue psycho power particles set the scene.

The “Ed Arrives!” Fighting Pass also offers new cosmetics themed around boxing and training equipment to let players suit up their fighters. The pass is available now for a limited time.

Quality of Life Improvements

SF6 ed new map

Several quality-of-life updates released alongside Ed aim to smooth out the player experience. PC players can now switch button displays to display numbers or symbols. Options for Extra Lighting have also been added to Photo Mode.

More Celebrations Incoming

Ed’s arrival keeps the party going after Street Fighter 6’s launch celebrations. His addition leads up to even more content drops in the coming months.

The Capcom Cup’s 10 year milestone is still ongoing, allowing players to predict tournament winners up until February 14th. Akuma has also been teased as the next DLC character, slated for release soon.

With over 3 million copies sold since its launch, Street Fighter 6 continues to innovate the fighting game genre with its expansive single-player offering. Ed’s inclusion brings even more variety to the game’s stellar roster.

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