New Bright Fir Forest Expansion Takes Players on an Adventure in the Critically Acclaimed Tails of Iron

A Festive Celebration Takes a Sinister Turn

Odd Bug Studio and United Label have released Bright Fir Forest, a free new expansion for their popular action RPG Tails of Iron. The expansion builds on the game’s compelling story and brutal, Soulslike combat by introducing players to an all-new area filled with quests, weapons, customization options, deadly bosses and enemies, and hauntingly beautiful original music.

Set after the events of Tails of Iron’s base campaign, Rat King Redgi has been invited by the Squirrels to partake in their famous Festival of Leaf Fall celebration. But the revelries in Bright Fir Forest soon take a dangerous turn with the arrival of a mysterious adversary seeking revenge.

New Weapons, Armor, and Cosmetics to Discover

The Bright Fir Forest expansion includes 96 new weapon and armor rewards for players to discover across 13 additional quests. This gear can be equipped to customize Redgi’s stats and abilities to match your preferred playstyle.

You’ll also unlock new cosmetic upgrades for The Crimson Keep, Redgi’s seat of power, such as banners, furniture, and stained glass windows featuring motifs from Bright Fir Forest’s autumnal landscape.

Formidable Enemies and Bosses Await

In their journey through the golden woodlands, players will battle squirrel assassins hiding in the brush, heavily-armored beavers guarding dam strongholds, and imposing regional boss characters with deadly capabilities.

tails of iron bright fir forest gameplay

The expansion also adds three new challengers to face off against at the merciless Mole Arena. Defeating these foes allows you to acquire their weapons and armor for your own use.

New Original Score Creates Autumnal Atmosphere

Tails of Iron’s award-worthy original score expands with four new beautifully composed tracks inspired by Bright Fir Forest and the bittersweet Season of Leaf Fall. The rich audio design heightens the crisp, vibrant colors of the autumnal forests and creates an emotionally resonating atmosphere.

Immerse yourself in this exciting new chapter of Tails of Iron, available now on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. The brutal yet captivating world of Rat King Redgi awaits!

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