Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Roll into World of Tanks

World of Tanks has partnered with Paramount Consumer Products to bring Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into the hit free-to-play tank warfare game for a radical new Battle Pass season.

Heroes in a Half Shell

World of Tanks meets the teenage mutant ninja turtles in this world bank.
Image credit: World of Tanks

Gamers who pick up the special TMNT Battle Pass will be able to deck out their tanks with exclusive themed goodies inspired by the classic 80s animated series. We’re talking decorated shells based on the Turtles themselves, with Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo each getting their own unique 3D style.

You’ll also be able to recruit TMNT favorites like news reporter April O’Neil as a Crew member, as well as sinister villains like Bebop, Rocksteady, and the Shredder. Just try not to shout Kowabunga! each time you fire off a shell in combat.

TMNT World of Tanks trailer

Challenges and Rewards

Teenage mutant ninja turtles meet World of Tanks in this action-packed adventure.
Image credit: World of Tanks

The TMNT Pass brings over 70 stages of missions and challenges to complete, including daily and weekly tasks. Finishing these objectives earns you points to unlock rewards on the Battle Pass track. And trust us, you’re gonna want rad stuff like 3D styles, consumables, Credits, days of World of Tanks Premium Account, and more turtle-tastic loot.

TMNT World of Tanks Special Bundles

You can buy various TMNT bundles for the event, featuring x5 missions for extra Battle Pass points and other goodies. There’s also a wicked skin for the highly-customizable T77 premium American tank included with purchase.

Splinter Joins the Battle

Amazon Prime members who link their Wargaming and Prime Gaming accounts can claim an exclusive Splinter Commander package. Lead your troops to victory with the guidance of the wise mutant rat sensei! Special 2D customization elements for the U.S. M48A5 Patton tank are part of the drop as well.

TMNT World of Tanks Crossover Release Date

The TMNT takeover unfolds across three chapters filled with mutant-powered challenges and rewards, all scheduled to run from March 6th until June 5th.

Whether you’re a hardcore World of Tanks veteran or a casual fan just looking to yell Cowabunga! while blasting tanks – this crossover will make you happy. For more information, visit the World of Tanks website.

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