TEKKEN 8 Reveals Devil Jin and 3 Fan Favorites Joining the Roster

Bandai Namco recently revealed four new characters joining the roster of TEKKEN 8, the highly anticipated next installment in the legendary 3D fighting game franchise. Longtime fans should be excited to see the return of some iconic fighters alongside a brand new reveal.

Devil Jin Soars Back Into the Ring

A man and a woman standing in front of a dark background, possibly hinting at upcoming Tekken 8.

The first reveal is none other than Devil Jin, the fierce demonic form of protagonist Jin Kazama. Harnessing the cursed devil gene in his bloodline, Devil Jin represents the darkness in Jin’s soul as he struggles against his family’s sinister legacy. With black wings sprouting from his back and red third eye glowing, Devil Jin looks ready to unleash his signature laser beams and terrifying combos. He brings an intense supernatural style that contrasts with the usual martial arts combat.

Devil Jin has been playable in previous TEKKEN games and his return hints at a major role in the story. The official description refers to him as the “Blank Wings of Ruin” and he will likely be integral to the ongoing Mishima feud driving the plot. Fans are eager to see how controlling his inner demon will continue to challenge Jin in TEKKEN 8.

Three Classic Fighters Step Up

Two fighters engaged in a thrilling battle within the Tekken 8 video game.

In addition to Devil Jin, three fan favorite characters were also confirmed for TEKKEN 8.

First up is Lee Chaolan, adopting the moniker “Silver Haired Demon” in TEKKEN 8. The adopted son of Heihachi Mishima, Lee is an expert martial artist who incorporates technology into his fighting style. His new Violet Suit gives him special abilities, continuing his role as a flashy yet lethal combatant.

Alisa Bosconovitch will also be joining the fray. The android creation of scientist Dr. Bosconovitch, Alisa utilizes an array of built-in gadgets and weapons along with her robotic strength. She is depicted as the “Destroying Automaton,” highlighting her capabilities for immense destruction.

Finally, mystical fighter Zafina returns as the “Mystic Stargazer.” Drawing on her ancient assassin lineage, Zafina utilizes spiritual arts in her unique gameplay. She harnesses astrology magic in her attacks, providing a ranged playstyle compared to the heavy hitting fighters on the roster.

With these three veterans back in action, TEKKEN 8 is set to revisit some beloved characters in fresh forms. Their contrasting abilities will add variety and strategy to matches.

More Reveals Still to Come

In the highly anticipated game Tekken 8, a man in a stylish suit fearlessly wields a powerful sword while standing proudly in front of a formidable boat.

These four newly announced fighters provide a taste of what TEKKEN 8 has in store. Bandai Namco has teased that two more yet-to-be-revealed characters remain, with planned announcements on November 2nd and 12th.

Fans are feverishly speculating who could fill those last coveted slots. Series mainstays like Lei Wulong and Paul Phoenix seem like strong contenders. But some hope brand new faces could make a debut and expand the TEKKEN universe.

Whoever rounds out the roster, TEKKEN 8 is shaping up to continue the franchise’s legacy of impactful storytelling and innovative fighting gameplay. With Unreal Engine 5 powering the visuals, combat will be more intense than ever before in detailed dynamic environments.

Release Date For TEKKEN 8

Mark your calendars for TEKKEN 8’s release on January 26, 2024 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Steam. Pre-orders are available now, including special editions with collectible figurines and bonus content for hardcore fans. Visit the official TEKKEN 8 website for more information and check out our TEKKEN 8 page for news and updates as they come in.

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