Explore the Coasts of Croakia in Fae Farm’s New Content Update

Phoenix Labs has transported players to the shores of Archi-pal-igo Park with Fae Farm’s latest major content update, Coasts of Croakia.

Released on the 14th December, this free update whisks farmers away to a vibrant island realm populated by quirky new critters.

Make New Friends With Help From the Conch

The update’s headline feature is the Conch, a mystical tool that enables players to decipher croaks and squeaks to communicate with Fae Farm’s eccentric animals. Equip the Conch while roaming Archi-pal-igo Park to pick up translations for five new critters: the boxing crab Crustiano Ronaldough, the squeaky-voiced Mackerelephant, the zen garden snail Snilosophy, the overly literal translator Parrotlet, and the beatboxing blobfish Blob-Z.

Befriend these wacky creatures to receive special buffs for your farm. For example, Snilosophy can spread peace and harmony to boost crop quality.

New Realm Integrated With Main Campaign

A screenshot of a fae farm nestled in the enchanting forest.

While the Coasts of Croakia update introduces fresh characters and mechanics, Phoenix Labs assures that the new content remains tied to Fae Farm’s overarching story. The island getaway seamlessly fits into the game’s third act, with plenty of silly dialog options for those eager to further befriend the core cast like Ember the dragon.

Fae Farm Coasts of Croakia

At the same time, the update functions as a self-contained adventure perfect for players craving a change of scenery from their farms. Sail over to Archi-pal-igo Park and get absorbed in side quests without needing to touch the primary campaign. Whether you’re a new farmer or a seasoned veteran, the shores welcome all.

Oodles of Improvements Both Big and Small

A serene fae farm nestled on a small island, adorned with lush trees and mesmerizing waterfall.

In addition to the new realm and critters, Phoenix Labs stuffed this update with fan-requested tweaks. Storage capacities have expanded to accommodate hoarders’ hauls. Shopkeepers Ember and Buck now carry some bonus goodies along with the usual wares. A slew of bug fixes also entered the fray to squash errors, with the team promising even more stability down the line.

While subtle, these quality-of-life changes demonstrate Phoenix Labs’ commitment to transparency and community feedback.

Get on Board for All Future Updates

Fae Farm is currently available on Nintendo Switch and PC. The game supports solo play as well as online co-op with full cross-play functionality across platforms. Excitingly, all post-launch content comes free for Switch owners, while two updates are bundled with Fae Farm on PC. That means farmers everywhere can enjoy upcoming features like new festivals, relationships, and recipes together.

For more information visit The official Fae Farm website or Youtube.

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