Dive Into The Finals Open Beta Now

The highly-anticipated free-to-play first-person shooter The Finals has launched its Open Beta, giving players a chance to experience the competitive gameplay early. Developed and published by Nexon subsidiary Embark Studios, The Finals aims to shake up the FPS scene with its intense matches and emphasis on teamwork.

Thrilling Team-Based Combat

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The Finals pits teams of three against each other in a battle to collect the most money and be the last team standing. Players choose from three classes – Light, Medium and Heavy – each with their own skills and abilities. Coordination with teammates is key, as players exploit the destructible environment to gain advantages.

Unreal 5 engine means the game looks great, with high quality graphics and colors reminiscent of Apex Legends.

Freedom To Find Your Playstyle

An arsenal of weapons, gadgets and abilities allows players to find their own approach.

The Finals Trailer

Inspired by fictional deathmatch stories like Gladiator and The Hunger Games, The Finals pits teams of three against each other in competitive battles across destructible arenas. Just like a futuristic game show, the goal is to collect prize money and be the last team standing.

Work together to exploit the environment to your advantage. Set traps, destroy covers, and coordinate flanking maneuvers to outwit your enemies.

The sheer number of weapons, gadgets, and sponsor cosmetics you can choose allows you to customize your playstyle. Snipe from afar, get up close with shotguns, or support your team with healing. The choice is yours.

Coming To All Major Platforms

The Finals will launch on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. The cross-platform Open Beta gives players on all systems the chance to battle it out. While some performance issues were reported in early betas, the developers have been working hard to optimize the game.

Reception To The Finals So Far

Reception to the Closed Betas has been mixed, with some criticism aimed at the AI voice acting. However, fans are excited to jump into the arena for themselves with the Open Beta. With more polish before its full launch, The Finals could make a big splash in the world of F2P shooters.

Release Date for The Finals

The Open Beta for The Finals runs until November 5, giving players ample time to experience this promising new FPS. The release date for the game has yet to be officially announced, but it should arrive before Christmas this year.

With intense combat, deep customization and a focus on freedom, The Finals is shaping up to be a must-play multiplayer shooter when it fully launches in 2023. Check out The Finals website for more information.

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