Our First Sneak Peak at The Relic: The First Guardian Game

Independent video game publisher Perp Games has announced an intriguing new partnership with developer Project Cloud Games. Together, they will release the story-driven action roleplaying game The Relic: The First Guardian in early 2025. A 5-minute gameplay trailer has been shared to give eager gamers a sneak peek into this highly-anticipated title.

The Fate of a Doomed Fantasy World

The Last Guardian, adorned with a relic sword, ventures along a secluded path within the enchanting woods.

The Relic: The First Guardian transports players into the rich fantasy world of Arsiltus – a land destroyed by the shattering of a powerful relic. As the last surviving guardian, you alone can venture across the perilous landscapes to recover the missing shards and seal the void ripping Arsiltus apart.

With no memories of your past, you must explore the remnants of this once vibrant kingdom to uncover your purpose and face the challenges that emerge. The seamless open world is ripe for adventure, packed with secrets to unveil, allies to recruit, and fearsome foes out for blood.

Exciting Real-Time Combat and Progression

Core to the gameplay is a real-time combat system emphasizing dodging and well-timed attacks. As guardians wield magic channeled through specialized runes, players can customize gear to unlock devastating spells and skills. Defeating enemies and completing quests also allows your character to develop new talents and grow stronger over time.

The last guardian rises as a relic with a sword in the woods.

The journey spans haunted forests, abandoned fortresses, and mysterious temples – each locale presenting environmental puzzles and platforming challenges. With an epic orchestral score setting the mood, “The Relic: The First Guardian” promises a cinematic gaming experience focused on dark fantasy action.

Have a Say in the Game’s Direction

Perp Games welcomes fan input through an online survey running throughout 2024. By sharing feedback on the art style, features, and marketing, participants can directly influence development decisions. Those who complete the survey also receive a 15% discount voucher for the Perp Games Store as a token of appreciation.

With Project Cloud Games’ knack for gripping narratives and Perp Games’ publishing expertise, The Relic: The First Guardian aims to be a smash hit within the RPG genre. The first glimpse hints at an unforgettable adventure – stay tuned for more details!CopyRetry

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