Fiery New Primordium Collection and Updates Launch in VALORANT Episode 8 Act 2

Never-Before-Seen Lava-Inspired Weapon Skins Enter the Arena

A fresh trove of volcanic treasures comes to VALORANT alongside a game update launching March 5th. Riot Games is unveiling the Primordium Collection, a new set of weapon skins themed after ancient beings of molten chaos. These skins let players wield the primal forces within weapons themselves.

The Primordium Collection’s distinguishing feature is its lava-like reactive animation. As players fire their weapons, intense, flowing magma gradually engulfs each gun over the course of the magazine.

Once the weapons cool down after a few seconds without firing, the lava solidifies into igneous rock. This creative design reflects the emergence and fading of bedlam in battle.

Another eye-catching inclusion is the Blades of Primordia—a lethal dual sword melee variant that unleashes attacks in quick, unpredictable sequences. Alongside the usual array of upgradable skins for Vandal, Phantom, Spectre, Shorty and more, the Blades of Primordia introduce new tactical opportunities in close quarters.

Dimensional Portals and Custom Sounds Enhance Gunplay

A gun with a blue and purple paint job from the Primordium Collection.

As an added touch, each Primordium weapon skin variant contains a hidden finisher animation that temporarily transports players and their defeated opponents to a chaotic alien world. These creative finishing moves provide a smooth, immersive experience that maintains VALORANT’s core gameplay integrity.

The Primordium Collection also features custom firing sounds for each weapon. These crunchy, volatile audio effects elevate VALORANT’s acclaimed gunplay to new heights. From the spectacle of the finisher animations to the tangible audio feedback, the Primordium Collection is a feast for the senses.

Valorant’s Episode 8 Act 2 Battle Pass and Esports Capsules Release

A screenshot of the VALORANT video game.

On top of the Primordium Collection, Episode 8 Act 2 introduces yet another Battle Pass brimming with gun buddies, player cards, sprays, and stylish new weapon skins like Retrowave Sheriff. There’s also an array of team-specific esports capsules to support the ongoing VCT 2024 season, now available in the in-game Esports Store.

With the Primordium skin line’s launch alongside Act 2, VALORANT continues to innovate the tactical shooter genre without compromising competitive integrity. The game upholds its core philosophies of high fidelity gunplay and diverse characters with abilities that create tactical opportunities.

Riot Games strives to maintain best-in-class game server performance and proprietary anti-cheat protection so fans can enjoy VALORANT’s growing content in a fair, competitive environment. With new treasures like the Primordium Collection and Episode 8 Act 2 now surfacing from the lava, the future remains bright and unpredictable for VALORANT.

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