Chaos Descends in Vermintide 2’s New Versus Mode

Warhammer: Vermintide 2, the popular first-person slasher from Swedish developer Fatshark, has ventured into new territory with the introduction of Versus – a 4v4 player vs. player plus enemy game mode currently in closed alpha testing.

Battle as the Vermin Horde

For the first time ever, Versus allows a quartet of players to experience the thrill of commanding some of the rotten Skaven’s most notorious specials and minions as they attempt to suppress the heroic Ubersreik Five. This presents a fresh competitive opportunity where two teams battle both AI threats and each other for points across several frantic, melee-heavy rounds.

Fans of the cooperative hack-and-slash genre will find familiar elements in Versus, but the shift to direct player control over the Vermintide series’ distinct enemies adds new layers of tactics and tension. It takes the tried-and-true L4D-style formula of four survivors against infected hoards, then twists it by letting players orchestrate the opposing force.

Closed Alpha Underway

Vermintide 2: Chaos Descends in Versus Closed Alpha Test

Fatshark has commenced a closed alpha test from February 8th through 11th, granting over 10,000 Steam users access to test drive the new mode and provide crucial feedback. Sections alternate between the human and vermin perspectives as the teams fight to dominate various objectives. There is no better way to refine Versus’ 4v4 mayhem than by accumulating data and suggestions from series veterans.

Early reception seems positive, as Vermintide aficionados praise the sadistic satisfaction of controlling vile Skaven assassins like the Pack Master and Gutter Runner against their fellow players. However, constructive commentary continues to roll in, pushing the promising Versus closer to its eventual polished release.

What Lies Ahead

For now, interested players can sign up via Steam and hope lady luck grants them access to the exclusive alpha test. The info Fatshark gathers during this evaluation stage will be invaluable for ensuring Versus reaches its chaotic competitive potential.

If all goes according to plan, Vermintide 2’s gripping melee skirmishes will never be the same again once this new mode leaves testing and goes live. For now, the studio is wisely taking the time to refine the 4v4 PVPVE formula with community collaboration. The only question is – will you stand among the Ubersreik Five, or command the foul Skaven warpack?

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