Warface Gets Tactical with Clutch Update and Northern Lights Season

Popular tactical shooter Warface is entering a new era with a name change and major winter update packed with fresh content for players. Developer and publisher MY.GAMES announced that Warface will now be known as Warface:Clutch across all platforms.

New Weapons and Battle Pass for Winter

Accompanying the new name is Warface:Clutch’s Northern Lights season update, bringing a blizzard of new features and improvements. The update introduces new frost-themed weapons players can earn through the renewed free battle pass.

The MGlauncher, Steam, Epic Games Store, console and Nintendo Switch versions will all receive the same content updates. These include new PvE missions, PvP multiplayer modes, and special time-limited events across seasonal segments.

For the first time, Warface:Clutch now lets players purchase premium battle passes using Kredits earned by simply playing. This shift provides more value for free-to-play gamers wanting bonus content.

Winter Fest Begins with New Mode and Map

On December 13th, a special Winter Fest event kicks off, offering a limited-time mode called Storm and an icy variation of the Headquarters map. Players can earn Black Market coins from select PvE Spec Ops missions and exchange them for exclusive winter-themed items before the event ends.

A tactical group of soldiers are walking through the snow during the Northern Lights Season.

Warface:Clutch keeps things fresh by regularly rotating specialty modes and maps, so expect to see returning modes like Destroy and Capture during Northern Lights as well.

Improving the Co-op and PvP Grind

Significant quality-of-life improvements are also coming for PvE missions and progression. Players will now receive cumulative rewards instead of single tries, taking some pressure off fully completing missions. Mission difficulty modes have also been reworked.

For competitive PvP players, there are now separate seasons and leaderboards, including new Prestige systems with special rewards and bonuses to pursue.

With continued strong support from MY.GAMES through fresh content and the streamlined Clutch branding, Warface looks to retain its dedicated player base while attracting new agents to its tactical team-based battles.

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