WRATH: Quake-Inspired FPS Exits Early Access with Version 1.0 Launch

After over two years in Early Access, the dark fantasy FPS WRATH: Aeon of Ruin has officially launched out of early access with the release of version 1.0, bringing significant new content and improvements.

Developed by KillPixel Games and Slipgate Ironworks and published by 3D Realms and Fulqrum Publishing, WRATH pays homage to classic 90s shooters while establishing its own identity through a blend of occult horror and heavy metal.

Expanded Content and New Hub

Version 1.0 of WRATH introduces a range of new content including a central hub world interconnecting the different levels, three boss battles per episode, five new artifacts, four additional enemy types, two more sigils, and three new weapons for the player’s arsenal.

This expanded content allows for more exploration, secrets to uncover, and overall gameplay longevity. The new hub specifically enables deeper environmental storytelling and interconnectivity between different realms.

Refined Gameplay and Improved Performance

In addition to the wealth of new content, version 1.0 also brings notable improvements to WRATH’s gameplay and technical performance.

Tweaks to enemy AI make combat feel tighter and more dynamic while upgrades to overall stability and optimization enhance the gameplay experience. The update also adds a tutorial to ease new players into WRATH’s fast-paced and movement-heavy combat.

Epic Journey Through Decaying Worlds

A screenshot of an FPS game with a gun in it.

At its core, WRATH: Aeon of Ruin delivers kinetic first-person shooter action guided by heavy metal aesthetics. Players take on the role of the Outlander, a warrior on a quest to reclaim their lost humanity.

This journey sees the player traversing corrupted temple monoliths, decaying ancient ruins, and mystic shadow forests brought to life through high-quality visuals and effects. All the while, the player builds up an arsenal of nine unique weapons barraging hordes of nightmarish enemies with projectiles and steel.

The launch of version 1.0 marks WRATH’s full emergence from Early Access into a complete, polished package ready for FPS enthusiasts. The game is currently available on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG with console versions expected later this year.

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