Unlocking Amazing Powers: A Look at Leagues IV’s Game-Changing Relics

The relics in Old School RuneScape’s Leagues IV provide players with incredible abilities that dramatically enhance gameplay. Spread across 8 tiers, these relics offer boosts to skilling, combat, clue scrolls, and more. On top of this, each tier unlocks a new passive buff – ranging from skilling to combat boosts.

Tier 1: Basic Boosts to Get You Started

The first tier of relics provides players with simple but useful upgrades to help them progress faster early on.

Twice as Nice: Double Drop Rate

This relic does exactly as the name suggests – it doubles the drop rate of all monsters killed. This makes acquiring key items much easier right from the start.

Never Stop Running: Unlimited Run Energy

With unlimited run energy, players can traverse Gielinor tirelessly. No longer will agility and energy potions be needed to keep running.

Clue Scrolls for Days: Stackable Clue Scroll Boxes

Stackable clue scroll boxes allow players to store multiple clue scrolls of each type, preventing clogging up the bank with unique clue items.

Tier 2: Teleports and Transport Upgrades

Unlocking amazing powers with a map of a Minecraft world featuring game-changing different colored lights.

Above is all the locations accessible through the Fairy’s Flight Relic. Since you can travel to leprechauns, it has more potential uses than Globetrotter.

Nexus and Jewelry Teleports: Globetrotter

This relic combines the teleports of the Nexus portal and jewelry box into one menu, giving easy access to teleports all over the map.

Mount Up: Fairy’s Flight

Fairy’s Flight allows players to travel to fairies and leprechauns around the world, teleporting to any unlocked fairy ring location. No staff or payments needed!

Tier 3: Skilling and Shop Benefits

The third tier provides advantages for skilling efficiency and shopping.

Banking Made Easy: Banker Note

With Banker Note, players can note and unnote items directly from their inventory, making managing items and money easier.

Shop for Free: Fire Sale

Fire Sale provides 100% discount at all stores, allowing players to go on an unlimited shopping spree at all stores that use coins.

Tier 4: Unleash Your Slayer Potential

The fourth tier introduces ways to seriously boost Slayer training.

Bigger and Badder (Passive)

This passive unlocks access to Superior Slayer monsters which have better drops and award more Slayer reward points when killed.

Combat Relics

Three relics all focusing on a different combat style, making training magic, ranged or melee that much faster.

Tier 5: Remote Slayer and Skilling Efficiency

A screenshot of a game screen showcasing an Unlocking dungeon with Game-Changing mechanics and Amazing Powers.

Tier 5 takes Slayer and skilling to the next level.

Manage Tasks Remotely: Bloodthirsty

Bloodthirsty adds the ability to get and cancel Slayer tasks remotely without visiting a Slayer master.

Gather Faster and Smarter: Infernal Gathering Tools

Infernal tools double skilling output for logs, ores, and fish. They also allow instant burning of logs and smelting of ores.

Clue Scroll Mania: Treasure Seeker

Treasure Seeker makes NPCs drop clues more often, gives chances for extra caskets, and improves reward yields.

Tier 6: Massive XP Gains

A screen shot displaying an image of a sword (relics).

The sixth tier relics create big experience boosts for training.

Gain XP Based on Total Level: Equilibrium

Equilibrium uses the player’s total level to provide bonus XP in all skills proportional to the total level.

Farming Benefits: Farmer’s Fortune

Farmer’s Fortune speeds up crop growth cycles, protects crops from disease, and provides increased harvest yields.

Tier 7: Devastating Combat Powers

Tier 7 introduces relics that make combat incredibly lethal.

Deliver Massive Blows: Berserker

Berserker increases your damage based on missing HP, similarly to Dharok’s set from Barrows.

Drain Life Force: Soul Stealer

Soul Stealer heals 15% of damage dealt at the cost of reducing prayer point restoration.

Master All Weapons: Weapon Master

Weapon Master boosts accuracy and damage for all weapon types.

Tier 8: Ultimate Late Game Powers

The eighth and final tier contains relics that provide ultimate abilities.

Summon a Guardian: Guardian

Guardian allows the player to summon a personal bodyguard NPC that attacks enemies.

Deliver Instant Death: Executioner

Executioner gives a chance to instantly kill monsters under 10% health.

Cheat Death: Undying Retribution

Undying Retribution prevents lethal damage, restoring health to 10% instead and releasing a shockwave attack.

In Conclusion

A game-changing map unlocking the amazing powers of the dwarven kingdoms.

My personal choices for relics currently are Endless Harvest, Fairy’s Flight, Banker’s Note, Superior Sorcerer, Treasure Seekers, Equilibrium, Berserker (for the free Dharok’s set bonus), and Undying Retribution for raids. The remarkable relics found in Leagues IV allow players to truly feel like the ultimate version of their characters. With game-changing abilities unlocked across 8 tiers, this League promises to provide OSRS players with an unforgettable and empowering adventure.

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