Part 1 of The Bellwright Developer Blog

As huge fans of the open-world action RPG genre, we’re particularly excited by the upcoming title, Bellwright, developed by Donkey Crew. The game is set in a gorgeous looking medieval fantasy realm allows players to build up a settlement, recruit allies, establish an army, and embark on narrative quests.

The developers have just released the first part of a developer blog series, showcasing a range of aspects about the game and what we can look forward to. Check out the video below.

Wage War Against the Queen’s Forces

The story of Bellwright centers around a tyrannical queen who is aiming to take control over the land through her growing army and constructed encampments. As a rebel leader, it’s up to you to fight back against her and liberate villages from her influence.

Bellwright Developer Blog 1

Gameplay involves directional, real-time combat as you take on the queen’s forces and bandits throughout the realm. But gaining the trust and support of townsfolk is equally as important.

Recruit Villagers to Your Cause

A core part of the Bellwright experience is recruiting NPC villagers to join your growing resistance. These characters can assist your settlement in various ways based on their unique skills and professions.

Some may be adept hunters who can provide food, while others are skilled craftsmen who can produce weapons and resources. Certain villagers even have combat abilities and can join your rebel army on missions.

Interacting with NPCs and completing tasks to gain their trust is crucial to building up your foothold in the world. The more allies you have, the better chances you’ll have in taking down encampments and stopping the queen.

Craft, Farm, and Quest in an Open World

The bellwright logo on a wooden background.
Bellwright logo

Beyond combat and recruitment, Bellwright offers plenty of gameplay variety within its medieval open world setting. You’re free to focus on crafting items, farming crops, exploring dungeons, and undertaking quests as you see fit.

The world features dynamic weather, day/night cycles, and changing seasons that impact activities. One day you may be hunting deer in the forest, the next defending your settlement from a siege amidst heavy rains.

The developers have emphasized emergent narrative elements, meaning the story and world evolve based on your actions. There are even branching quests and opportunities to ally with other factions against the queen.

Wishlist Bellwright on Steam

Bellwright is currently slated for an Early Access release on Steam, allowing players to experience the first act of the game while the developers work towards the full launch.

The team at Bonus Stage Publishing will be posting more blog updates and details about Bellwright leading up to release, so stay tuned to their website, Twitter, and Discord for the latest info. And don’t forget to keep up to date with any news or guides on our Bellwright page.

With its rebel uprising storyline, open world sandbox elements, strategic settlement building, and emergent narrative, Bellwright aims to provide a unique and immersive medieval action RPG experience. Keep an eye out for this exciting indie game.

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