Salvage the Past to Survive the Apocalypse in Rooted

A new survival game called Rooted aims to provide a challenging post-apocalyptic experience focused on salvaging, crafting, and camp building. Developed by Headlight Studios, Rooted launches players into a devastated 2100 AD world and tasks them with navigating the ruins to ensure their survival.

Check out the trailer for this ambitious game below.

Rooted Trailer

Scavenge Through the Ruins

The premise sets up an intriguing open world landscape to traverse. In 2100, global bacteriological warfare has collapsed human civilization. Exploring alone or with friends, players must sift through the rubble to collect scraps, objects, and anything else that may prove useful for crafting gear and improving living conditions.

Build a Forest Haven

Finding a safe spot to establish a camp is crucial early on in Rooted. This means hunting for food, collecting water, and learning what is safe to consume. Building up your haven in the forest and laying the foundations for survival are key priorities.

Salvage the Past

In Rooted, a man, equipped with only a backpack, bravely navigates through a subway station, determined to salvage the past and ensure his survival in the impending apocalypse.

Venturing into abandoned villages allows you to salvage everyday items from the past civilization, before the apocalypse ruined everything. With these objects, you can craft and repair useful gear back at your workbench.

Brave the Dangers of the City

Eventually, for those bold enough, comes the prospect of moving deeper into the ruins of the city. Here awaits greater dangers but also far more valuable salvage potential. Expect resistance from other human factions and deadly spores that require protective gear to traverse safely.

Co-op Survival

Rooted is a unique survival game that combines elements of salvage, past, and apocalypse. Take control of a small house nestled atop a hill overlooking the vast expanse of the ocean. In

While entirely playable solo, Rooted also offers the option to team up with friends. The co-op experience features a friendly fire option and in-game VOIP communication system. Working together unlocks greater potential for exploring further and building an even better camp.

Defend Against Threats

Defense is a key priority when not actively exploring. As you improve your camp, enemies like the powerful ROTOR robots may come knocking. Crafting weapons and traps helps deal with these threats. Make sure your haven is secure.

For survival fans, Rooted hits many right notes in terms of crafting, salvaging, and camp development. We are definitely excited to see the outcome from the Alpha and ready to jump in when the game releases. The team at Headlight Studios has fostered an active community with regular updates, and the Kickstarter campaign earned significant support. When the game launches in 2023, rugged survivors will find plenty here to dig into.

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