World War Z Now Available For Xbox One & PS4

Following on from its successful PC launch and based on the popular 2013 film, World War Z has just been released as a game for Xbox and PS4 by Saber Interactive.

World War Z Coop Zombie Killer

The game is a co-op action shooter and has campaign missions across a number of the locations featured in the movie – including Tokyo, New York, Jerusalem and Moscow – as well as a super dynamic AI system based on the Swarm Engine. Fast-paced zombies not only move towards players as a herd but can decide to attack and eat brains on their own, making the whole zombie-killing experience even more terrifying and fun.

World War Z Action Coop Zombies

World War Z also features:

  • 6 unique classes
  • Customisable weapons, explosives, zombie traps and turrets
  • 4 player co-op
  • Team-based PvP
  • Team-based PvPvZ
World War Z Xbox One PS4

Can You Play World War Z Solo?

Even though the game is team co-op based, you can always get around this by choosing the ‘offline’ mode when in the main starting menu. This will mean that instead of humans filling the other three spots in your team, you’ll have the computer helping you instead.

Check out the trailer for World War Z below.

World War Z is available now in all its brain-eating glory for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Visit, Twitter @WWZTheGame, and Instagram @WWZGame for more information.

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