A Guide to Modern Warfare III Warzone Season 1

With the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, players are in for an exciting Season 1 filled with new multiplayer maps, the return of Gunfight, the Zombies update, and the arrival of Urzikstan in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Find out all the details and get ready for an action-packed experience in the latest installment of the game.

New MW3 Multiplayer Maps

A modern warfare 3 truck is parked in front of a building.
Meat Map

New Multiplayer Maps Key Points

  • Meat – This compact slaughterhouse map brings close quarters combat across the bloody kill floors and cold storage lockers of East Bay Meats. Dominate the exterior livestock holds and interior office spaces to own the map.
  • Greece – Battle runs hot in this medium-sized coastal Mediterranean village. Fight room-to-room to control townhall command centers, harbor docks, and old village ruins. Call in precision Killstreaks across open areas and lock down the maze of streets.
  • Rio – Players fight to dominate the upscale Paradiso Shopping Center. Bright colors deceive as environments shift from high-end boutiques to luxury hotels and convention halls. Expect vertical combat through glass ceilings and atriums.

One of the highlights of Season 1 is the addition of three all-new 6v6 multiplayer maps.

The first two maps, Meat and Greece, will be available from Day One of the season. Meat is a compact map centered around the East Bay Meats slaughterhouse, where players can test their skills and become the best butcher on the block.

A boat is in the water next to a house in Call of Duty Warzone.
Greece map

Greece, on the other hand, is an absolutely gorgeous looking medium-sized Mediterranean-inspired map based on a coastal town, offering players the chance to prove that they are no mere mortal.

Gta san andreas screenshots featuring modern warfare 3 elements.
Rio Map

And in Season 1 Reloaded, the map Rio will be introduced, taking players to an upscale shopping center filled with bright colors, tight quarters, and elegant streets.

Gunfight Returns: Last Team Standing

The interior of a building in Call of Duty Warzone.
Training Facility map

Fans of the popular Gunfight mode will be pleased to know that it is making a comeback in Season 1. Gunfight is a 2v2 mode that provides intense and fast-paced gameplay.

In Season 1, players can look forward to a new Gunfight 2v2 map called Training Facility. This map will be the latest 2v2 cage match offers FPS bootcamp across this centralized shoot house. Control the side structures and obstacle courses to lockdown spawns. Own the pace verticality to spot, flank and eliminate threats. Employ lethal and tactical equipment for area denial ops.

Dark Aether Storyline: Zombies Update

A group of people walking down a street in front of a truck, resembling a scene from Call of Duty Warzone.
MW3 Zombies

The Modern Warfare Zombies story continues in Season 1 with the introduction of Dark Aether Rifts.

Strike Team Operators will be tasked with investigating a massive, mysterious gateway that has appeared in the Exclusion Zone.

Inside the Dark Aether Rifts, players will face a sinister and chaotic challenge, with limited time to complete objectives and escape with their lives.

This new end-game experience will test players’ skills and provide a thrilling and immersive gameplay experience. Additionally, players will have access to a modified V-R11 Wonder Weapon that can transform enemies into loyal allies and a new category of unique acquisition schematics to unlock.

Check out our ultimate guide on MW3 Zombies.

Welcome to Urzikstan: Warzone Map

Call of Duty Warzone brings the intense and exhilarating modern warfare experience to players.
Urzikstan Warzone map

Urzikstan Warzone Key Points

  • A larger-scale urban battlefield joins the network of Warzone deployments as combat extends into the war-torn city streets, powerplants and suburban sprawls of Urzikstan.
  • This battleground features over 10 Major Points of Interest that serve as key objectives. Downtown City Center, Embassy, Train Station, TV Station, Gas Station and Stadium Zone offer unique close quarters engagements.
  • The Atlas Superstore Mall compliments the new Rio paradise shopping center for more consumerist warfare. Long sightlines require proper positioning and marksmanship skill.
  • New movement mechanics like slide canceling, contextual tap/mantling, and combat diving expand infiltration options. Use these advanced movements to outmaneuver and outplay the enemy Operators.

Call of Duty: Warzone will also see some exciting changes in Season 1 with the introduction of the Urzikstan map. This urban landscape incorporates 11 major points-of-interest, including the iconic Popov Power Plant and the Zaravan Suburbs.

Players can expect a new favorite hot-drop location and a variety of ways to traverse the map, including horizontal ziplines and a drivable train – yes you can practice your train driving skills while making all the station stops.

The gameplay in Warzone will also be updated to include new movement mechanics from both Warzone and Modern Warfare III, such as slide cancelling and tac-stance, providing even more strategic options for players.

Modern Warfare III’s inaugural Season 1 delivers a combat operation packed with new 6v6 maps, special zombie op missions, and expanded Warzone conflict zones. Expect tight urban arenas, updated gameplay mechanics, and fan-favorite Gunfight. For more information check out the Modern Warfare III Warzone blog post and visit our dedicated MW3 featured game page for updates, news and guides for the game.

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