Season 1 Reloaded Brings New Modes, Maps and The Boys LTM to MW3

Season 1 Reloaded is arriving next week for MW3 and Warzone, bringing with it a slew of new content across multiplayer, zombies and the battle royale. We’ve rounded up all the details so you can start the mid season locked and loaded.

New MW3 Multiplayer Map and Modes Spice Up Core Play

MW3 Season 1 Reloaded

MW3 multiplayer is getting several new additions in Season 1 Reloaded. Most notably, there is a brand new 6v6 map called Rio.

Set in Rio de Janeiro, Rio features an upscale shopping center with both indoor and outdoor sections. The design looks to cater to different playstyles, with close-quarters combat possible inside the mall and longer sightlines outside on the streets.

MW3 Rio Map in Season 1 Reloaded

In addition to the new map, three new multiplayer modes are being introduced: Team Gunfight, Headquarters, and Infected. While these are not exactly new modes, newer players may not have come across them.

Team Gunfight pits two 6-player teams against each other in gunfight matches on standard multiplayer maps. Headquarters tasks teams with securing an objective and holding it as long as possible to earn points. And Infected starts with one infected player who have to turn the other operators until only the infected remain.

The Boys LTM and Event Challenge Add a Unique Twist

A-Train in MW3 Season 1 Reloaded

On the more limited-time side of things, the The Boys Supe’d Up Kill Confirmed mode will be available for a duration during Season 1 Reloaded. The twist on classic Kill Confirmed has operators dropping Temp V doses on death which give temporary power boosts like Heat Vision to those who collect them.

The Boys: Supe Siege Event Challenge

Alongside the LTM, a The Boys event challenge spanning six missions awards players items like calling cards and blueprints. Getting specifc types of kills and completing other objectives in The Boys mode will net rewards.

Get one Operator Heat Vision elimination in The Boys modeCalling Card
Deactivate 20 pieces of Equipment using DDoSEmblem
Get four Operator eliminations using the MTZ-762Battle Pass Tier Skip
Get two Operator eliminations in a single life with the Overkill Vest equipped, five timesLarge Decal
Get 15 Operator Akimbo eliminationsWeapon Charm
Get seven Operator eliminations using Lethal EquipmentDouble XP Token
Mastery RewardComplete all six challenges to earn “The Boys Special” LMG Weapon Blueprint featuring four attachments, equipped with a whopping 150-round drum and incendiary ammunition for aggressive suppressive fire.
The Boys LTM Rewards

Compete Like the Pros in Ranked Play

Season 1 Reloaded Ranked Play in MW3

For those seeking a more competitive Call of Duty experience, Ranked Play is arriving in MW3 with Season 1 Reloaded. Ranked Play features 4v4 matches with restricted loadouts to match Call of Duty League rules and settings.

Players will be ranked on a seasonal basis, with special rewards handed out based on highest skill division achieved.

Season 1 Ranked Play Rewards

5 Ranked Play matches“MWIII Season 1 Competitor” Weapon Sticker
10 Ranked Play matches“Pro Issue Gutter Knife” Weapon Blueprint
20 Ranked Play matches“Script Writer” Weapon Charm
30 Ranked Play matches“Built Different” Large Decal
40 Ranked Play matches“MWIII Ranked Play Season 1” Loading Screen
50 Ranked Play matches“MWIII Season 1 Ranked Veteran” Weapon Camo
MW3 Ranked Rewards

The introduction of Ranked Play finally gives the more hardcore fans a place to test their skills against equally skilled opponents in a ruleset mirroring the professionals.

New Warlord Invades Zombies in Terminus Outcomes Storyline

Dokkaebi in MW3

On the Zombies side of things, Terminus Outcomes gains a new Warlord by the name of Dokkaebi. Hailing from South Korea, Dokkaebi specializes in electronic warfare and commands an army of drones.

To take down this new Warlord, players must fight their way up a skyscraper stronghold and overcome turrets, drones, and other defenses to reach Dokkaebi herself. Successfully defeating her nets some high-end loot for the trouble.

The addition of another Warlord continues the overarching narrative in the Zombies story and provides fans with more challenging enemies and environments. If you’re finishing off the existing Missions, check out our comprehensive Guide to Acts in MWZ and our Guide for Killing Zombies.

Warzone Sees New Modes, Events and Objectives

Warzone also gets plenty of new content with the mid-season refresh. Most intriguing is the debut of the Champion’s Quest – a multi-part challenge that tasks squads with completing difficult objectives in order to “instigate a devastating end game”. Teased details are sparse, but it promises to test the skills of Warzone’s best.

New Public Gulag Event

Elsewhere, Warzone gets a new Gulag Public Event that turns the lights out and sets up night vision battles. A Weapon Case objective also comes to Battle Royale for the first time, challenging squads to secure it against all enemies or extract via the new Covert Exfil option.

The Covert Exfil itself presents a new win condition, allowing teams to call in a chopper extraction for a high price. With only five available per match, securing an extraction will require strategy and skill.

New Weapons and Operators Expand the Arsenal


As with every season refresh, new weapons and operators are coming to both MW3 and Warzone. Season 1 Reloaded introduces the HRM-9 SMG and TAQ Evolvere LMG.

TAQ Evolvere LMG MW3.

The new SMG and LMG fill different roles, with the HRM-9 made for run-and-gun aggression while the TAQ Evolvere offers more suppressive firepower.

Season 1 Reloaded Launch Date

Season 1 Reloaded launches on the 17th January at 9AM PT across all platforms.

This update represents one of the biggest mid-season updates in recent memory for Call of Duty. Nearly every aspect of Modern Warfare III and Warzone is receiving new content, modes and challenges. For more information, check out the official Call of Duty website.

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