Best Upcoming City Building Games for 2023/2024

There’s nothing better than losing yourself in a well-crafted city builder.

The satisfying gameplay loop of gathering resources, planning layouts, and watching your settlement expand never gets old. Looking ahead to 2023 and 2024, there are some exciting new city building games on the horizon that will let players construct new worlds ripe for exploration.

In this list, we’ll highlight upcoming titles like Pax Augusta that transport you back to Ancient Rome, Viking City Builder that immerses you in Norse culture, and Frostpunk 2 which continues the popular icy post-apocalyptic setting. Fans of medieval times can look forward to Manor Lords’ authentic slice of 14th century life or step into the shoes of a young orc warchief in Orc Warchief: Strategy City Builder.

With so many promising options coming soon for seasoned city builder fans, it’s an ideal time to start wishlisting titles that capture your imagination.

Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles

Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles screenshot

Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles is an expansive open-world builder set in a stunning oceanic landscape. This is a fantastic example of what indie developers can do with interesting ideas, beautiful graphics and a great Steam trailer and platform reveal (thanks to the showcasing of the spine-tingling soundtrack by award-winning composer Benedict Nichols and superb voice acting).

Developed by Tomas Sala and part of the Falconeer Chronicles franchise, this game emphasizes freedom and imagination, allowing players to construct elaborate settlements across a realm filled with myths and dangers.

Shape Your Legacy Through Creation and Conquest

In Bulwark, you can build a variety of structures, from humble ports to extravagant fortified cities. These serve as trade hubs, pirate coves, imperial bastions, and more based on your vision. Recruit powerful Captains and Commanders to protect what you create or embark on conquests. Your choices shape the world and ultimately determine your legacy.

Innovate Fearlessly with Intuitive Building Tools

Construction in Bulwark draws inspiration from 3D modeling software, featuring robust building mechanics. Flexible parts snap together smoothly for quick prototyping. Experiment endlessly to craft remarkable settlements, architectural centerpieces, and defensive fortifications. The only limit is your creativity.

Voyage Across a Vast Oceanic Realm

This imaginative world combines tropical archipelagos, frigid northern seas, and places shrouded in myth. Encounter mystical locales, ruined civilizations, and strange ocean phenomena as you sail Battlecruisers between islands. Beware roving threats like pirates and predatory beasts that lurk beneath the waves in this simultaneously wondrous and perilous realm.

Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles is slated to launch on Steam soon. Wishlist the game to gain access to excusive Day One content.


A screenshot of a city in Kaiserpunk

Kaiserpunk is an upcoming city builder and grand strategy game that puts you in charge of an alternate 20th century city-state. Blending elements of production management sims and 4X conquest games, Kaiserpunk aims to provide a deep strategic experience.

An Alternate History to Conquer

In the dieselpunk world of Kaiserpunk, you lead one of many competing factions vying to exploit resources and capture territory across over 100 regions. The game is set in an alternate timeline branching from WWI, with technology having advanced differently while old imperial tensions still run high. The story responds to your expansionist decisions, whether peaceful or aggressive.

Gameplay Focused on Logistics and Industry

As a budding leader, you’ll construct factories, manage complex production lines, and build transport infrastructure to supply your growing war machine. Optimizing supply chains is crucial as you balance provisioning troops versus keeping your citizens happy and economy running. Specialist buildings and production modules can be researched to unlock advanced weapons and vehicles including tanks, aircraft, and ships. Use these to capture, defend, or bombard strategic points on land, air, and sea.

Ambitious Debut from Overseer Games

Kaiserpunk will be the debut title from Overseer Games. The game doesn’t have a release date yet but can be wishlisted on Steam for updates.

Pax Augusta

An aerial view of a medieval castle in a city-building game.
Pax Augusta

Step Into the Sandals of a Roman City Builder with Pax Augusta

Transport yourself to the ancient world in Pax Augusta, an upcoming city builder video game that promises to deliver an impressively realistic simulation of life in the Roman Empire. Developed by Roger Gassmann and published by Senatis, Pax Augusta is set to release in 2024 and will let you experience the trials and triumphs of building and managing your own prospering city in the ancient world.

Build a City Worthy of the Roman Emperors

With historically accurate buildings and monuments, you’ll be able to construct an authentic Roman settlement from the ground up. Attract inhabitants by building a harbor and forum, increasing your tax revenues to invest in resource gathering buildings and infrastructure. Entertain your citizens with theaters, thermae, gladiator schools, and more while managing raw material imports to construct temples, palaces, and other monuments worthy of the Eternal City itself.

Quell Unrest, Fight Wars, and Manage Your Citizens

But beware – all is not quiet in the Roman world. Barbarian uprisings, internal instability, crime, fires, and war will all shape your gameplay strategy. Can you maintain order and prosperity to rise to the rank of senator and navigate political intrigues? Will your city achieve the Pax Romana, or will you push the borders of the empire further, settling the frontiers of Britannia and Dacia?

Experience the Roman World in Stunning Detail

With robust sandbox and story modes steeped in historical accuracy thanks to a historian-developed narrative, Pax Augusta looks to be a thoughtful city builder for history buffs and simulation fans alike. The game will require Windows 10 64-bit and a reasonably powerful processor, memory, graphics card, and sound system, but the ability to construct monuments like the Colosseum and rule over an ancient civilization may prove worth the investment.

Keep an Eye Out for This Roman City Builder

Keep an eye out for Pax Augusta’s release next year and relive the grandeur of imperial Rome. Step into the sandals of a Roman city builder and create your own piece of history with Pax Augusta. Wishlist the game on Steam or visit the website.


The elder scrolls iii - screenshot thumbnail showcasing immersive city building elements.

Immerse Yourself in This Promising Medieval RPG World

Bellwright offers players an expansive medieval world to explore and shape through its immersive sandbox gameplay. This ambitious RPG presents a living world brimming with quests, combat, crafting, and homebuilding opportunities.

Character Creation Sets the Tone

After the tragic opening storyline sequence, players customize their character’s appearance, choosing from various faces and hairstyles. This personal touch helps players connect with their character and role in the unfolding narrative filled with intrigue.

Overcoming Early Difficulties to Build a Real Home

The game starts players off seeking a safe haven to construct their first simple shack. Gathering additional resources allows expanding the humble abode into a more secure and functional base. Early tasks like selling mushrooms and reporting to the village Elder pave the way to becoming an accepted member of the community.

Exciting Combat Captures the Feel of Mount & Blade

Venturing into bandit-ridden wilderness engages players in Bellwright’s directional, momentum-based melee combat. Mastering footwork and parrying with various weapons from axes to bows provides an immersive battle experience reminiscent of Mount & Blade gameplay. Fighting wolves demonstrates the need to carefully time weapon swings while staring at the ground.

Promising Foundation Despite Optimization Issues

Bellwright shows much potential as an engrossing medieval RPG and colony builder, but apparently suffers some lag and frame rate drops. The developers will need to optimize performance to provide a smooth gameplay experience. However, the available content reveals the foundations of an expansive world begging to be explored and conquered. Visit Steam to Wishlist the game or their website.

Viking City Builder

A screenshot of an island city in a video game.
Viking City Builder

Vikings continue to captivate gamers, as evident in the ongoing success of Viking-themed video games across genres.

In 2020, Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla became the company’s biggest PC game launch. Survival sensation Valheim has sold millions of copies in early access since 2021. Last year’s strategy game Frozenheim and the upcoming Viking City Builder enable creating bustling Viking settlements from the ground up.

Experience Historical Accuracy in a Viking Settlement Simulator

Viking City Builder provides a realistic glimpse into the Viking age by incorporating thoroughly researched details into every aspect of the game. From architectural designs to the daily routines of your villagers, you’ll be fully immersed in this pivotal historical period. Appreciate the accurate representations of clothing, tools, customs and more as you guide your settlement on its journey.

Conquer, Negotiate and Survive as a Viking Jarl

This game goes beyond just building a pretty seaside village. As the leader, you’ll make influential decisions that impact the success and survival of your people. Form strategic alliances through trade and diplomacy or plan ambitious raids using the tactical combat system inspired by real-time strategy games. Your choices carry real weight, just like the legendary jarls of the Viking age.

Each Playthrough Tells a Unique Story

Don’t expect a straightforward path every time you play Viking City Builder. With so many factors to manage, no two games will unfold exactly the same. The story emerges from the specific choices you make while balancing expansion, resources and more. Your personalized leadership style tells the tale. Experience the saga of your Viking settlement through the living history of this immersive city building game.

The game is being developed by Titan GameZ Studio and is expected to release in 2024. Check out the game’s Steam page or visit their website.

Frostpunk 2

An aerial view of a snow-covered city surrounded by majestic buildings.
Frostpunk 2

Fans of the acclaimed society survival game Frostpunk have an exciting sequel to look forward to. Developer 11 bit studios has announced Frostpunk 2, arriving sometime in 2024. The new title continues the chilling post-apocalyptic story thirty years after the events of the original game.

Once again, players take control of a resource-hungry city struggling to survive the frozen wasteland. While the worst of the blizzard may be over, humanity’s ambition brews new threats from within.

Survive the Perils of Expansion and Technological Change

In Frostpunk 2, players must find new energy sources to fuel expansion while overcoming the harsh environment. As the city grows, so too does the complexity of maintaining order and stability.

Laws and reforms become necessary, but shaping society down different political paths leads to tension. Players will have to manage conflicting factions and ideologies all vying for control.

Steer the City’s Destiny Through Narrative Choices

Player choice shapes the society and determines its ultimate destiny. Will you rule through compassionate reforms or impose order through technological dominance? The many ideological paths will impact the lives of citizens.

Developer 11 bit studios promises even deeper society survival mechanics and richer narrative choices. For fans of the original’s gritty storytelling, Frostpunk 2 is an exciting next chapter in the freezing post-apocalyptic world.

While details are still few, the chilling setting remains. Survival will once again depend on making difficult leadership decisions. As rival factions wrestle for control, players must keep the city united and stave off collapse. For more details, check Frostpunk 2’s Steam page and prepare for its launch in 2024.

Manor Lords

In a city building game, witness a mighty man on horseback traversing a picturesque path with an enchanting castle in the background.
Manor Lords

Transport yourself back to 14th century Europe with Manor Lords, the upcoming medieval city builder from indie developer Slavic Magic. With authentic architecture, clothing, weapons and culture, Manor Lords aims to provide an immersive slice of medieval life.

Starting with a humble hamlet, you’ll build and manage a thriving settlement where farmers, craftsmen, merchants, soldiers and more go about their daily business. Careful decision-making is key, as keeping your people content is just as important as fortifying your defenses against threats. Sophisticated production chains will keep resources flowing, while tactical battles allow you to command troops when conflict arises.

A Fresh Take on City Builders

Promising a fresh take on the city builder genre, Manor Lords wows with incredibly detailed graphics and deep gameplay systems across settlement management and combat. It’s already earning praise as a “breath of fresh air” take on the well-worn medieval city builder concept.

Release Date and Platforms for Manor Lords

Manor Lords is slated for an April 2024 early access release on PC via Steam and GOG. It will also launch day one into Xbox Game Preview on PC Game Pass, bringing this medieval world to a huge built-in audience. Later in 2024, Manor Lords will also come to Xbox Series X/S, opening up the game to console players.

With English, French, German, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Turkish language support, Manor Lords aims to captivate medieval fans across the globe. Check out the Manor Lords website for more information and keep up to date with our Manor Lords news.

Chinese Empire Prologue

A screenshot of a village in a city building video game.
Chinese Empire: Prologue

In Chinese Empire: Prologue, you find yourself suddenly promoted to emperor of China after a long period of peace and prosperity. With the future of your dynasty and nation in your hands, can you usher in a new golden age? This upcoming strategy game from Yeyuna puts you in charge of governing cities, managing resources, and developing infrastructure to strengthen your empire.

Build a Economic Powerhouse

As emperor, you’ll need to juggle objectives like assigning workers, constructing roads to enable trade, setting up crop fields and production buildings. With smart resource management you can process raw materials into valuable goods and profit. Choose where to allocate your efforts each year as the seasons bring new opportunities and challenges. Expanding your empire requires balancing growth, efficiency, and stability.

Customize Your Strategy

Don’t expect a rigid path to success. You’ll be able to customize your strategy each year by selecting special cards that provide unique bonuses or gameplay changes. Chinese Empire Prologue is set to be released late 2023. Visit Steam for more information.

Pioneers of Pagonia

A captivating screenshot of a city in a game, showcasing impressive urban planning and architecture.
Pioneers of Pagonia

Explore a Mystical New World

In Pioneers of Pagonia, you’ll guide your people to settle the scattered islands of Pagonia – a magical realm filled with mysteries, rituals and mysticism. You’ll start with just a small landing area revealed on the map. Through exploration guided by your vision, you’ll forge alliances with isolated villages and slowly uncover the secrets of this new world.

Build a Thriving Island Economy

With over 40 constructible buildings and 70 tradeable goods, you’ll develop complex production chains and trade routes to support your growing settlement. Careful logistics planning is key as you transport thousands of items and expand infrastructure. Position city guards wisely to extend your territory. Advance your technologies to access more resources and products.

Lead Your People to Unity

As a pioneer visionary, the scattered peoples of Pagonia will look to you for leadership. Resolve problems hampering villages and unite them to increase prosperity for all. Your decisions will shape the fate of generations to come.

Experience Endless Exploration in Pioneers of Pagonia

Every new game features a freshly generated map for new places to discover. With robust economic systems and magical charm, Pioneers of Pagonia aims to be a city builder focused on exploration, unity and discovery.

The game is being developed by Envision Entertainment, and will be available on the 14th December 2023. Visit the game’s website for more information or go to Steam.

New Cycle

A screenshot of a city in a city building game.
New Cycle

Rebuild Civilization in the Post-Apocalyptic World of New Cycle

In the post-apocalyptic world of New Cycle, you’ll take a lonely shelter and slowly transform it into a thriving metropolis. This upcoming strategy game from Daedalic Entertainment and Core Engage puts you in charge of building and managing a settlement focused on survival and progress.

Expand and Manage a Fragile Community

With careful resource management, you’ll expand from basic foraging and mining to complex trade networks and industry. But beware, the seasonal cycles and destructive events in this fickle world pose constant challenges. As leader, it falls to you to keep supplies steady, maintain morale, prevent power struggles and meet the evolving needs of your people.

The game has minimum system requirements of a 64-bit processor, 4GB RAM, and a DirectX-compatible sound card, among others.

New Cycle is part of the Daedalic Entertainment franchise, known for other games like Barotrauma and Iratus: Lord of the Dead. The game is expected to be released in 2024.

For more information visit the New Cycle website or visit Steam.

Orc Warchief: Strategy City Builder

A captivating screenshot of a serene village nestled in the enchanting woods.
Orc Warchief

Who Doesn’t Want to Rule As a Young Orc Warchief

In Orc Warchief: Strategy City Builder, you take control of an orcish settlement that has been ravaged by human forces. As the new warchief, it falls to you to care for your people, rebuild, and ultimately have your revenge. This upcoming city builder/war game from and CreativeForge Games blends strategic resource management with preparation for all out war.

Balancing Village Needs and War Preparations

As leader, you’ll need to gather food, metals, lumber and other resources to provide for villagers, construct buildings, and equip your growing horde of warriors. Raid nearby human camps to increase your renown and attract more orcs to your cause. Manage your stockpiles wisely as you balance improving your settlement with training armies.

Gain Divine Favors for Battle

An intriguing feature is the ability to worship different gods and gain unique destructive powers. But choose carefully, as each deity desires sacrifices and rituals to earn their blessing. Use these mighty abilities to devastate your enemies when the time comes to launch your assault.

Lead Your People to Glory in Orc Warchief

Gamers can add Orc Warchief: Strategy City Builder to their Steam wishlist. Expect the chance to rule a rising orc settlement when the game launches in Q1 2024.

Dynasty of The Sands

A captivating screenshot of a flourishing desert city in dynasty kingdoms, showcasing the intricate architecture and bustling streets that can be experienced in immersive city building games.
Dynasty of the Sands

Bring the Glory of Ancient Egypt to Life in Dynasty of the Sands

Transport yourself to the awe-inspiring world of ancient Egypt in the upcoming city builder Dynasty of the Sands. Slated for release in Early Access in 2024, this creative survival game lets you build and rule a thriving desert settlement as an all-powerful Pharaoh.

Construct Monumental Cities from Humble Beginnings

Starting with just a few mud huts, you’ll gather resources to slowly expand your city over rolling dunes. Satisfying building tools allow you to raise magnificent temples, stately palaces, and towering monuments from the sand. Your architectural genius will transform a fledgling village into a sprawling metropolis worshipped by all.

Balance Needs and Appease the Fickle Gods

As Pharaoh, the well-being of your people rests in your hands. You must ensure there is enough food, water, and resources to thrive. Beware famine, disease, and dangerous wildlife that threaten your citizens. Appreciate the Nile’s gifts, but beware its destructive floods.

To keep your settlement safe, you must also appease the gods. Construct monuments, make offerings, and uphold maat – the ancient Egyptian concept of truth, balance and order. Do this and the gods will bless you. Anger them, and you may face divine wrath.

Immerse Yourself in a Mystical Desert World

Dynasty of the Sands brings ancient Egypt to life through gorgeous visuals and immersive gameplay. Explore a mystical landscape dotted with desert flora and fauna. Uncover secrets and knowledge to research new technologies for your people. As your power grows, the very sands may shift according to your will. Wishlist the game now on Steam.

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