Steam Next Fest February 2024 Games To Play

Steam Next Fest runs from February 5th to 12th 2024 with a feast of upcoming games to get your teeth into before their final release.

We’ve rounded up 7 of the most promising game titles that you can demo (and we’ll be playing) during Steam Next Fest, as well as noteworthy mentions.


Get ready for Steam Next Fest February 2024 and discover Voxlands, featuring charming houses and majestic trees.

Voxlands is an indie action RPG that drops players into vivid, raytraced voxel worlds. In the game you’ll encounter mutated wildlife and unravel the mystery behind an ominous ooze transforming the landscape.

Armed with guns, melee weapons, and magic spells, you’ll fight menacing enemies and climb the food chain for survival.

Dismantle and reshape environments using tools as you traverse the meticulously crafted realms. With creative problem-solving and flexible in-game editors for designing quests, gameplay, and new realms, no two playthroughs are the same.

Voxlands trailer

Progress by securing loot from mining, quests, strategic purchases, and chests scattered across the biomes. Or join friends in co-op and unite against the threats. The full launch will deliver expanded gameplay and rock-solid multiplayer functionality.

Developed by VoxRay Games, Voxlands incorporates community feedback for ongoing improvements during Early Access. If you enjoy open world survival games like Rust and Valheim, try out the Voxlands demo during Steam Next Fest.

Submersed 2 – The Hive

A screenshot of a hallway in a video game showcasing the immersive and visually stunning graphics in Submerged 2 that await players at Steam Next Fest in February 2024.

Submersed 2 – The Hive is an immersive first-person horror game that plunges players deep into a high-tech facility at the lonely abyss of the Atlantic Ocean floor. With limited weapons and scarce resources, you’ll investigate what sinister secrets hide in this underwater lair.

Uncover the hidden backstory by searching derelict workstations and terminals for clues.

As you explore claustrophobic tunnels and decrepit testing labs, the facility tells a fragmented tale of overly ambitious science gone awry. Strange occurrences and unexplained phenomena haunt every water-filled room.

With very limited inventory, you’ll have to strategize which scraps to salvage for crafting weapons and tools. But brute force won’t suffice against the horrors slumbering in the hive. Wits, stealth, and cleverness offer the only hope of exposing the truth without meeting a grisly, watery grave.

Vague and unsettling in the best way possible, this explicit first-person horror experience comes from the twisted minds at Main Loop Videogames – check out the Steam Next Fest Submersed 2 demo.


A screenshot of Soulmask available to play on Steam Next Fest in February 2024.

Escape death itself in Soulmask, an upcoming survival sandbox RPG bursting with mystery. This fresh Steam release drops players into a primitive world where an ancient mask transforms life as you know it.

Soulmask trailer

While fleeing a lethal sacrificial ritual, you discover this mystical artifact harboring lost secrets of the land. Donning the Soulmask launches you on an open-ended adventure of exploration, tribal community-building, and unveiling truths behind the supernatural forces at play.

Fend off ruthless wildlife while rallying followers in the harsh wilderness. Recruit loyal tribesmen to bolster your numbers, construct durable settlements, master diverse combat disciplines, and dominate enemy clans.

Lean into rich RPG elements by customizing your character’s skills and attributes as a venerable leader or formidable warrior.

With a planned 2024 release date, Soulmask offers solo offline or 70 player online multiplayer modes for immersing in the perilous primitive landscape.

Developer CampFire Studio promises rewarding sandbox survival systems blended with an enigmatic narrative, so definitely check out the Soulmask Steam Next Fest 2024 demo.

BattleJuice Alchemist

BattleJuice Alchemist screenshot at Steam Next Fest.

An absolutely eye-catching art style, unique character builds and explosive combat make BattleJuice Alchemist a must have on our list of interesting Steam Fest Next games.

This game is an action RPG blending isometric hack-and-slash with JRPG-inspired duels. As a ritual mage edging civilization, craft potions and master the elements to hold back the demonic tide. BattleJuice Alchemist comes from developers Alchemical Works and publisher ESDigital Games.

The procedural landscapes and hand-made villages invite extensive exploration for gathering ingredients. Brew potent drafts or build an occult tower to amplify your magic against bosses.

Battlejuice Alchemist trailer

Choose between long-range skirmishes reminiscent of classic ARPGs or bullet-time fueled one-on-one encounters when confronting foes.

With the deep loot system, tailor your mage through the equipment and skills you leverage in and out of combat. Check out the BattleJuice Alchemist Steam Next Fest 2024 demo.

Realm of Ink

A screenshot of Realm Of Ink available on Steam Next Fest in February 2024.

Realm of Ink is a super stylish roguelite RPG where you’ll be questing inside a mystical storybook realm. The game is developed by Maple Leaf Studio and Leap Studio.

Guide Red and her Ink Pets through four lavish levels battling mystical creatures with weapons and abilities dictated by fate itself.

While pursuing a mischievous Fox Demon, swordswoman Red realizes her prewritten destiny confines life inside the pages. By mastering three fighting styles mixing breakneck combat with tactical depth, slowly tear through the book’s constraints, using armaments unlocked on each attempt.

Realm of Ink trailer

Over 120 artifacts and gemstones amplify your hero’s might against over 20 adversaries inspired by Chinese legends.

From adorable transformative pets to colossal dragons guarding the chapters’ ends, confront mystical beasts with cunning and skill. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, try out the Realm of Ink Steam Next Fest demo.

Brews & Bastards

A screenshot from the February 2024 Steam Next Fest, showcasing Brews & Bastards

Brews & Bastards is a hack-and-slash game from Mune Studio, and reminds us a lkittle of the roguelike Enter The Gungeon or The Binding of Isaac. It offers single player gameplay or couch and remote co-op.

Select your fighter from a cast of four distinct heroes, like the balanced Knight or tricky Thief, who all wield unique gear.

The maniacal Wizard Nick Cage – a fitting name – has stolen the magical Brew Stone that makes the realms’ ale, and you’re tasked to get it back. Bash through cleverly designed rooms filled with enemies, traps, puzzles and bosses – across three visually stunning biomes dripping in silly humor.

Brews & Bastards trailer

Master potent brews or unlock wild artifacts to customize your champion’s abilities when facing the demonic hordes. Approach each run differently by experimenting with diverse skill combinations that complement your squad. If you’re after a fun game to play with friends, check out the Brews & Bastards Steam Next Fest demo.


Dystopika Steam Next Fest game in February 2024

Dystopika is a really interesting upcoming chill cyberpunk city builder focused on carefree creativity. Players can use procedural elements like antennas and billboards to design the futuristic metropolis of their dreams (or nightmares).

What’s really unusual about this city builder is that there’s no management and no goals, leaving players with limitless time to spend on imagination-fueled projects.

Dystopika trailer

Rotate between a massive inventory of materials and decor to sculpt everything from towering corporate citadels to humble markets hawking high-tech wares. Populate the cityscape with customized vehicles gliding along patchwork highways in this stress-free sandbox.

It features adjustable time/weather controls, post-processing filters, and a photo mode to capture that perfect panorama.

Currently in development by Voids Within, Dystopika and its extensive customization toolbox is planned for launch this year. In the meantime, let your inner synthwave artist go crazy and download the Dystopika Steam Next Fest demo.

Other Steam Next Fest Games February 2024


Serum is a first-person survival adventure game reminiscent of GTFO, where players navigate a toxic world, gathering Serum to prolong their lives.


Breachway is a deckbuilding, sci-fi roguelike game set in space.

Nuke Them All

Nuke Them All is an RTS game that combines elements from ’90s classics and modern classics.

Botany Manor

Botany Manor is a relaxing exploration-puzzle game set in 19th century England.

Survive the Fall

Survive the Fall is an open-world post-apocalyptic action game with a deep story.


EVOTINCTION is an action sci-fi game where players must infiltrate a research facility controlled by a rogue AI. The game involves hacking and disabling security systems


Copycat is a narrative-driven Australian indie game from Spoonful of Wonder about a shelter cat who forms a friendship with an older woman but is then forced onto the streets when the woman falls ill and a copycat takes its place.

During Steam Next Fest, users can dive into the world of gaming by exploring and playing literally hundreds of demos. Whether you’re a fan of action, adventure, strategy, or multiplayer games, there’s something for everyone. And if watching livestreams is more your style, you’ll be spoiled for choice with dozens of captivating streams to tune into.

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