All 12 Confirmed Brave Weapons in Destiny 2 Into The Light

With the most recent Into The Light devstream wrapping up, we wanted to compile and list every returning weapon. This second stream was infinitely better than the first one, staying informative and entertaining the whole way through.

All Primary Weapons in Into The Light

Blast Furnace

A screenshot depicting a detailed view of a pulse rifle from Destiny 2, showcasing its stats and perks.
Blast Furnace in Into The Light

Originally released back in the Black Armory, the Blast Furnace is a 4-round burst pulse rifle – notable for it’s high stability and range along with outstanding perk pool.

The reveal showcased Blast Furnace with some new perks, all of which we’ll go into and review when Into The Light goes live. Just know that this thing will be a top option for Kinetic Primaries going forward.

Elsie’s Rifle

A screenshot of a detailed view of
Elsie’s Rifle in the Brave Arsenal

The Stranger’s Rifle is back! While No TIme To Explain is already present in Destiny 2, a lot of fans have been wanting the old classic back. The original wielder of Rewind Rounds, Elsie’s Rifle is back and improved.

This essentially will function as a slightly more versatile version of the exotic pulse rifle, with some quality of life boosts and perks.

Hung Jury SR4

Back in Destiny 2 for the 7th? 8th time now, the Hung Jury has a new perk pool and some minor stat boosts. All in all, the Brave version functions as a solid alternative for players who missed snagging a god roll Adept version, or a good Taraxippos.

There’s not much to say about the Brave Hung Jury, it’s a very solid Scout Rifle overall.

The Recluse

A screenshot from the video game Destiny 2: Into The Light displaying the stats and appearance of a virtual machine gun with the title
The Recluse in Into The Light

It’s back and better than ever. Love it or hate it, it’s back in the arsenal. The Recluse is probably one of, if not the most infamous weapon that’s ever been in the Destiny franchise. Now while it’s standout perk, Master of Arms, has been nerfed in the past – it’s still shaping up to be the best Void weapon in the game for PvE, and arguably the best close-range SMG in PvP.

There’s so much to speculate about The Recluse, but I won’t make any bold judgments or assumptions just yet.

Luna’s Howl

Graphic display of the
Luna’s Howl in the Brave Arsenal

Again, one of the most infamous weapons of all time – specifically for PvP. I’m excited, Luna’s and Not Forgotten got tweaked so much during their reign that the old versions are still somewhat balanced in the PvP sandbox. Without a doubt this is THE precision frame Hand Cannon for PvP however, with Magnificent Howl being tweaked slightly for some PvE usage.

Personally, I love the Luna’s series of weapons – and they’re shaping up to be at least decent in PvE going forward.

Midnight Coup

d2 brave midnight coup
Midnight Coup in Into The Light

Oh Midnight Coup, how every long-time Destiny 2 player has begged for your return. This one scares me a little, I’m worried that people aren’t gonna be happy with it. It’s arguably one of the best Hand Cannons of all time, though competing with Fatebringer is gonna be tough.

My doubts are probably calmed by the sheer statline on this gun, near max in every stat – with some of the new perks I’m certain we’ll see usage in PvE and PvP alike.

All Special Weapons in Into The Light

The Mountaintop

A screenshot showcasing
The Mountaintop Returns in Destiny 2

100% my favourite gun in Destiny 2. The Mountaintop’s legacy and story is unmatched. I both pity and envy the players that weren’t around for this weapon’s prime, a monster in all activities.

Although it has been severely and understandably nerfed, we’ll still see it everywhere. The perk pool having auto-loading holster won’t compare to the old Lunafaction Boots meta of the past, but seeing Frenzy and Vorpal Weapon have me excited to see how it plays out, espcially with Danger Zone being incorporated into the Micro-Missile Frame.


A digital image showcasing the
Succession Reprised in the Brave Arsenal

A weird one for sure, I know that having raid weapons in the Brave arsenal is a blessing for a lot of players who don’t raid. But we just got this reprised recently with crafting enabled. I don’t want players to feel like their hard work and hours grinding Deep Stone Crypt have gone to waste, I personally don’t mind having a “definitive” edition of the gun, complete with a cool ornament.

Potential controversy aside, it’s a great gun. Perfect scope for PvP and great damage in PvE, however because it’s a sniper – it may not see much usage in DPS rotations without some buffs.


A screenshot displaying the stats and characteristics of the 'Forbearance' grenade launcher from Destiny 2, featuring upgrade options and weapon perks.
Forbearance in Destiny 2 Reprised

Another reprised raid weapon, and out of all the recent non-sunset weapons to bring to the masses – this is the one. Wave Frames were already top-tier, but Forbearance brought along some insane perks like Chain Reaction. This is the ad-clear weapon for most content in the game, and I’m glad to see that it’s getting even more love and attention.

All Heavy Weapons in Into The Light

Falling Guillotine

An in-game screenshot showing the 'falling guillotine' weapon with its stats and perks from the Destiny 2 Into The Light video game hud.
Falling Guillotine in Into The Light

The first returning Vortex Frame from Destiny 1 (Originally Dark Drinker) is back. It’s a weird one, it’s 100% a classic weapon – being used in PvE for years after release. But we just got The Slammer, the same model and frame – just Stasis.

It competes as a void substitute, but will be less-powerful if Vortex Frames are ever restored to their former glory – just due to the nature of The Slammer having an Adept Version.

Edge Transit

A screenshot of the
Edge Transit Reprised in the Brave Arsenal

How could Bungie not include the all-time great Edge Transit? We’ve seen so many memes at this point that it’s almost unbelievable to consider that we haven’t had a non-sunset version in a few years. The new version seems pretty good, with the gap between its time having the addition of a whole cast of Grenade Launcher perks.

For those who don’t know the story, back during the Forsaken Era – for whatever reason – Edge Transit dropped a lot. It was a terrible Heavy GL too, with barely any redeeming perks.


A screenshot showcasing the
Hammerhead Returns to Destiny 2 in Into The Light

The original Destiny 2 Machine Gun, the first of its kind after being missing from Year 1. This thing always has been a beast, rolling double damage perks and having outstanding damage. Nowadays however, we have some insane competition for the Heavy slot.

I assume that Hammerhead will function as a catchup weapon for those players that don’t have a crafted Commemoration, or Retrofit Escapade. We have seen the return of double damage perks, with the showcased version having both Ramage and Killing Tally.

Most importantly, Hammerhead needs Reconstruction or Subsistence to be competitive for general play and ad-clear.

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