Guide to Top 10% Nightfall in Destiny 2 – The Disgraced

With the Allstar Vector Exotic Skimmer locked behind the Drop In Quest in Guardian Games, the fastest way to unlock everyone’s favourite new transport method is realistically to be within the top 10% of nightfall participants on a given day.

The Disgraced Nightfall Overview –

Point Goal for Top 10% Nightfall Score – 300k

A screenshot of the

Shoot to Score Quest Information

In order to achieve such a high score, there are a few changes to standard gameplay that need to be made in order to optimise point gain. Solo Operative is also recommended.

Maximising Points in Nightfalls –

We recommend farming two kill conditions, with each giving huge amounts of points for very little effort. Insult to Injury involves emoting for a few seconds before using a finisher on a Major or Champion enemy.

Any form of Spree medal is also recommended, super kills, heavy kills, ability kills and precision kills all give good amounts of points. Jack of All Trades is also a nice medal to farm, requiring rapid kills with every possible ammo type and ability.

We’ll go over each segment of The Disgraced and break down the enemies and the recommended points for each.

Opening Section –

We’re gonna break this Nightfall down into 3 sections, this first part will cover the entirety of the Skywatch building, interior and exterior.

The first combat room features 2 Barrier Servitors, and 3 Reaver Vandal Majors. Realistically with enough weapon kills, you should be able to use 2 supers or opt to save one for the next section.

I’ve found it easier to use a Machine Gun, like Commemoration, to one-shot red bar enemies. This both isolates our high value targets and reduces the overall amount of damage we take.

A screenshot of a character inventory screen from the video game Destiny 2, showing a top 10% Titan class character equipped with various weapons and armor optimized for Nightfall.
My Build for Top 10% Nightfalls

Skywatch Exterior –

Once you’ve cleared the opening room and gone up the stairs, you arrive at the section that requires some speed. Because there is an enemy crossfire between the Fallen and Hive, we suggest killing the fallen as fast as possible in order to reduce the chances of kills (and points) being stolen by the Hive.

This section contains a 2 Barrier Servitors, 2 Barrier Knights, 2 Major Knights and 1 Major Servitor. Super-spam is recommended whenever available, keep the champions and majors alive while maximising points from supers on the red bars.

A player engaged in a top 10% Nightfall during a guardian games competitive event in Destiny 2.
Insult to Injury Medal in Destiny 2

Once the Fallen threat has been eliminated, this whole section becomes rather trivial. The important targets are both out of the way and late-spawns, giving you room to spam supers.

After dealing with the Hive, make your way back inside the building to fight the last group of Fallen.

Our point target for Post-Skywatch is ~170k.

Jovian Complex –

After entering the Jovian Complex, the rest of the strike becomes pretty simple. Before the boss, there’s a Barrier Knight and an Unstoppable Ogre, along with 7 Cursed Thrall Majors, 1 Major Wizard, 3 Major Acolytes and 2 Major Knights.

Player character engaged in combat with an enemy under the cover of nightfall, earning the 'jack of all trades' achievement in a Destiny 2 sci-fi video game setting.

This is the primary room for stacking points, don’t worry if you can’t isolate and finisher every Cursed Thrall. Any potential missed points can be reclaimed with good play and super spam in the Boss Room.

The boss room only features an Unstoppable Ogre, but the plethora of red bars can be used for superb point gains through Virtuoso and other Mastery Medals.

Overall, entering the boss room you should be at around 270k points – with the final set being achieved here.

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