All 15 New Weapons in Season of the Wish for Destiny 2

Season of the Wish is here until June! With it comes a slew of weapons, both new and returning. From our early stages of testing, we should have some new top picks for DPS, some fun new PVP-centric builds and more viability with the seasonal mods and exotic armor!

All New Seasonal/Timed Weapons in Season of the Wish

Lethal Abundance –

Strand Auto Rifle from Iron Banner. High-Impact frame with some decent perks like Target Lock and Elemental Capacitor, but more importantly – Onslaught. Onslaught was originally the Pinnacle perk on the Gambit quest Auto Rifle Breakneck. It gives a stacking boost to fire rate upon a kill, something we’ve never seen outside of the now-sunset Breakneck.

A screen shot of one of the 15 new weapons in Destiny 2, from the Season of the Wish.

Scatter Signal –

Strand Fusion Rifle from Seasonal Activities. Rapid-Fire frame, decent perk pool for both PVP and PVE with Perpetual Motion, Overflow, Enlightened Action and new perk Slice in the first column. Slice gives a brief period of severing rounds upon using your class ability, reducing the damage an enemy can deal significantly.

In the second column there’s Kickstart, Controlled Burst, Hatchling and new perk Deconstruct. Deconstruct gives bonus damage to constructs and vehicles upon dealing sustained damage, definitely a weird perk, but it may serve some purpose in the new seasonal content.

Supercluster –

Strand Shotgun from Seasonal Activities. Pinpoint Slug frame, it seems like Bungie’s trying to either topple or at least give players a raid-free alternative to Heritage. Fourth Times, Reconstruction and Lead From Gold in the first column, Vorpal, Surrounded and Hatchling in the second.

Appetence –

Stasis Trace Rifle from Seasonal Activities. Adaptive frame, some really outstanding perks. Probably my new go-to Trace Rifle, it might even replace my beloved Acasia’s Dejection. Demolitionist, Loose Change and Overflow are the perks to look out for in the first column. Headstone, Killing Tally, One For All and Attrition Orbs are the must-haves in column two. This and Incisor are getting their own article here, but this is a really solid Trace Rifle.

A captivating screen shot showcasing the triumphant Season of the Wish in Destiny 2, accentuated by awe-inspiring weapons.

Lethophobia –

Void Bow from Seasonal Activities. Lightweight frame, PVP players should enjoy this one. The new perk Permeability and Successful Warm-up in the first column. Permeability is just Osmosis, but on class ability use as opposed to grenade. Golden Tricorn and Disruption Break in the second.

Scalar Potential –

Void Pulse Rifle from Seasonal Activities. Rapid-Fire frame. Permeability and Enlightened Action populate the first column, Attrition Orbs and Golden Tricorn in the second.

Doomed Petitioner –

Void Linear Fusion Rifle from Seasonal Activities. Aggressive Burst frame. I love this, I think most rolls can be avoided bar Reconstruction + Precision Instrument. There’s a case to be made for Permeability to Solar + Tricorn/Precision Instrument, given how broken Solar is due to the seasonal mods. My theorycrafting has shown that this is the best Burst Linear in the game now, better than Briar’s Contempt.

A screen shot of the Destiny 2 game screen displaying a selection of wish items for the current season.

The only downside I can see is the low base handling and reload speed that it loses from not having Frenzy. But Precision Instrument sends this weapon into a league of its own.

New World Drops + Playlist Weapons in Destiny 2

Ros Arago IV –

Void Auto Rifle from World Drop Sources. Adaptive frame, it’s something to watch out for, but not something to hunt. Subsistance and Permeability are in the first column. Second column features Onslaught and Golden Tricorn. I’ll try it once I get a good roll, a Permeability + Tricorn roll sounds interesting, especially on a Solar Hunter.

Undercurrent with (Adept) –

Arc Grenade Launcer from Nightfall. Special Wave frame, it doesn’t look great. It’s definitely an alternative to Forbearance for players who don’t raid or who don’t have that god-roll. Demolitionist and Ambitious Assassin in the first column, Bait And Switch, Voltshot and Adrenaline Junkie in the second. Without Chain Reaction this gun lacks the ad-control capabilities of Forbearance.

Parabellum –

Solar SMG from World Drop Sources. Adaptive Frame with Field-Tested Origin Trait. I’m a sucker for the Multimach-style weapons, and this one looks interesting. Permeability, Enlightened Action and Rewind Rounds in the first column. Second column has Frenzy, Dynamic Sway Reduction and Adagio. I’ll try for an Permeability + Frenzy roll, it might serve as a solid energy SMG.

A screen shot of a New weapon in Destiny 2.

Marcato-45 –

Strand Machine Gun from World Drop Sources. Adaptive frame, our first Strand LMG. It looks interesting, with perk combinations like Demolitionist/Triple Tap + Onslaught with Slice being an interesting option. Golden Tricorn also makes an appearance, along with Hatchling.

Crux Termination IV –

Arc Rocket Launcher from World Drop Sources. Aggressive frame. Finally a rocket for newer/returning players to grab easily. It’s not Meta, but a Reconstruction + Explosive Light roll will get players through most activities with relative ease.

Double-Edged Answer –

Void Sword from Vanguard Rank-up Packages. Adaptive frame, it’s okay. It’s a sword that rolls with Relentless Strikes and Whirlwind Blade/Surrounded, it serves its purpose well. Some novelty perks include Adrenaline Junkie, Demolitionist and Valiant Charge.

Belisarius-D –

Strand Pulse Rifle from Glory Crucible Matches. Aggressive 4-Burst frame, it’s a stat machine, max range, max stability, high reload speed and the perks seem solid for PVP. Rapid Hit, Slice, Elemental Capacitor and Keep Away are the perks to look out for in the first column, Kill Clip, Moving Target and Hatchling in the second.

A screen shot of the game's settings featuring the Season of the Wish and new weapons.

Incisor with (Adept) –

Strand Trace Rifle from Trials of Osiris. Adaptive frame with even better perks than Appetence. Subsistence + Killing Tally is probably the best roll, and Incisor can drop as Adept so it’s even better.

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