How to Unlock a Hoverboard in Destiny 2?

Guardian Games 2024 Introduces the Skimmer

Bungie has taken Guardian mobility to new heights with the introduction of Skimmers in Destiny 2’s 2024 Guardian Games event. These hoverboard-like vehicles offer Guardians a thrilling new way to traverse the landscapes of the game’s universe.

While occupying the same slot as the beloved Sparrows, Skimmers bring a fresh level of excitement and maneuverability to the table, allowing players to grind mid-air and perform some fresh tricks.

To get their hands on their first Skimmer, players must complete the “Best in Class” quest during the Guardian Games event.

It’s a very simple introduction, only requiring players to complete a single activity and deposit a Medallion at The Tower.

Once you’ve unlocked the temporary Skimmer, you’ll be prompted to complete the “Drop In” quest to unlock a permanent version.

A pair of white-themed alpine skis with a vibrant red, blue, and yellow design, laid out diagonally against a grey background with graphical elements to unlock Hoverboard.
The new “Allstar Vector” Skimmer in Destiny 2.

This quest challenges Guardians to prove their skills by achieving objectives such as obtaining a Medallion score, securing a Top 10 percent score in Nightfall challenges, or opening Focus Activity winner packages.

Upon completing the quest, players will be rewarded with the permanent Allstar Vector Skimmer.

Some buddies and I ran a nightfall this week and completed the challenge on our first try, so it’s not too bad at all.

What if I can’t play Guardian Games?

For Guardians unable to participate in the Guardian Games event, there’s still an opportunity to experience the thrill of Skimmer ownership. The Eververse store is offering the Winged Wolf Skimmer, a sleek and stylish vehicle inspired by the legendary Gjallarhorn rocket launcher.

A screenshot of a video game interface showing a sleek, futuristic hoverboard named 'winged wolf', described as 'beauty in the delivery', along with icons representing vehicle perks and mods.
The “Winged Wolf” Exotic Skimmer in Destiny 2.

This exclusive Skimmer comes as part of the Gjallarheart bundle, which includes additional items such as a Ghost Shell, a ship, and a shader, all designed to complement the Gjallarhorn aesthetic.

However, acquiring the Winged Wolf Skimmer comes at a price. Currently, the only way to obtain this unique vehicle is by purchasing it with 2,500 Silver, Destiny 2’s premium currency.

While there is a possibility that the Winged Wolf Skimmer may rotate into the Bright Dust shop in the future, allowing players to acquire it using the game’s earnable currency, there are no guarantees.

More Skimmers in the Future?

When I woke up this morning, I wasn’t expecting to re-live some old memories of playing the Tony Hawk games, but something took over once I got my hands on the Hoverboard.

Hoverboard in Destiny 2

The introduction of Skimmers in Destiny 2 marks an exciting new chapter in Guardian transportation. With their increased maneuverability and trick-performing capabilities, Skimmers offer a fresh and engaging way to explore the game’s vast universe.

It’s the first real step we’ve seen in a long time towards Bungie restoring some of that player love. Personally, I was planning on taking a few months off the game until Final Shape. But the sheer fun factor of these hoverboards have dragged me back in, if only for a few weeks.

Whether players choose to earn their Skimmer through the Guardian Games event or opt to purchase the Winged Wolf from the Eververse, one thing is certain: the future of Guardian transportation looks brighter and more thrilling than ever before.

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