Compete for Glory: Destiny 2’s Guardian Games All-Stars

Bungie has announced the third annual Guardian Games event for Destiny 2, returning on March 5th with new challenges, rewards, and the franchise’s first-ever hoverboard vehicle. This year’s “All-Stars” edition promises fierce class competition and charitable gaming through the Guardian Games Cup.

When Competitive Spirit Meets Rewards

The three-week Guardian Games event pits the three Guardian classes – Hunters, Titans and Warlocks – against each other in a fight for superiority. Players earn medallions through ritual activities, raid challenges, and more, dunking them to add points to their class’ score. The winning class will gain a new statue erected in their honor in the Tower.

New additions like Focus Activities will introduce limited-time point boosts for the leading class. Players can also upgrade their Event Card to unlock charges of the new Contender Card, offering Diamond Medals for extra scoring potential. Rewards for completing Event Card challenges include the new grenade launcher Hullabaloo, an Exotic Ghost Shell, and more.

New Emblem Destiny 2 Guardian Games

Grinding in Style with All-New Skimmers

The headline addition this year is Destiny’s first hoverboard vehicle – the Allstar Vector Skimmer. Earned through Event Card challenges, Skimmers enable riding and grinding across environments, adding fresh traversal mechanics. Players can perform tricks in the air or along rails and pipes with these unique single-Guardian vehicles.

The Return of the Guardian Games Cup

Alongside the in-game competition, the Guardian Games Cup makes its return, allowing teams to compete for good causes. The free-to-enter tournament tracker pits teams against each other both on their medal count and funds raised for charity. Prizes like Skimmer replicas, Medals, and Bungie Store discounts await the most dedicated competitors.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games Cup - a thrilling competition showcasing Guardian skill and glory!

Players can support the Direct Relief charity, providing protective equipment and essential medical resources to crisis areas worldwide. Donations also back the International Rescue Committee, helping displaced families fleeing conflict and disaster. Destiny players receive an exclusive emblem for contributing $10 or more.

Guardians ready to test their skills against rival classes, earn flashy new rewards, and skim the environments in style have much to anticipate when the third annual Guardian Games kicks off March 7th.

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