How to Get Destiny 2’s New Dungeon Exotic – Buried Bloodline in Warlord’s Ruin

With the release of Destiny 2’s newest dungeon – Warlord’s Ruin, a new exotic weapon joins our growing arsenal. Buried Bloodline is a Void Energy Sidearm that shoots crossbow bolts that drain health and give players Devour.

How To Get Buried Bloodline

Like with other dungeon exotics, Buried Bloodline can be obtained from the final boss of Warlord’s Ruin. The base drop chance may seem low, but it can be increased by completing challenges specific to the dungeon. A great way of getting these done is to slowly work on the dungeon seal and title, because each challenge slightly increases the drop chance of Buried Bloodline.

There are also some bonus challenges, such as beating the new dungeon solo flawlessly, which grants a major boost to the drop rate on future runs.

What Does Buried Bloodline Do?

A screenshot of the Dungeon Exotic weapon, Buried Bloodlines, in Destiny 2.

Firstly, Buried Bloodline doesn’t act like a normal sidearm. Similarly to Forerunner, it uses special ammo as opposed to the standard primary ammo. Each shot fires two bolts that track after enemies. From our early testing, the tracking isn’t incredibly strong, but it’s good enough to give a nice little boost to accuracy.

Each bolt that hits a target grants a small heal, giving a bump to survivability. But the main draw of the weapon is its ability to grant devour on multiple kills. Killing 3 red bar enemies grants 11 seconds of devour, regardless of subclass. There is no required time for the 3 kill goal to be reached, allowing you to prime a burst of healing on any subclass.

Special Sidearms in Destiny 2?

A group of men in Buried Bloodlines armor standing in front of a dark background.

With the release of Warlord’s Ruin, we’ve seen the re-introduction of legendary special sidearms through the new Rocket-Assisted Frame. Shots from Indebted Kindness will travel towards targets before exploding, dealing impact and explosion damage – similar to a gyrojet round. Overall, this new frame reminds players primarily of Mountaintop, having a straight-travelling explosive special weapon.

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