Destiny 2’s Tribute Hall Guide

With last week’s addition of Calus’ Tribute Hall and the “Moments of Triumph” event, players have been grinding out activities in their favourite Leviathan themed gear. We’re going to look at all the activities and loot you can get from this exciting event.

During the event, there are 2 different types of Triumphs players can grind for, the first of which being found under the Moments of Triumph Seal. Most of these triumphs are automatically completed based off of your past feats such as completing the Forsaken story or any of the raids. But others, like running 25 strikes have to be completed now. 

Destiny 2 Sparrowship
Destiny 2 Sparrow, Ship and Emblem

How to unlock the MMXIX title in Destiny 2

There are 20 triumphs total to be completed for players to receive the new MMXIX title.

Players will also be rewarded with an Emblem at 1, a Sparrow at 5, a Ship at 10 and a shirt discount code to be redeemed from the Bungie store at 15. Without the discount code, the shirt costs $777,777.77, with the code however it costs $24.99 USD and you can personalise the shirt for an extra $5.

Destiny 2 t shirt
Destiny 2 Moments Of Triumph T Shirt

Triumphs Tracked Under The MMXIX Title

The triumphs tracked under the MMXIX title are:

  • Nothing Left to Say – Complete mission Nothing Left to Say.
  • Forges Afield – Forge 10 weapons from research frames and Black Armory frames.
  • Prime Fashion – Win a Gambit Prime match while wearing a full set of Notorious armor.
  • Bedazzled – Fully upgrade the Chalice of Opulence.
  • Exotic Arsenal – Complete their respective missions and obtain Bad Juju, Outbreak Perfected, and Whisper of the Worm.
  • The Vault – Amass 1,000 pieces of gear in your Collections.
  • Gun for Hire – Complete 50 bounties throughout the system.
  • Challenger – Complete 10 weekly challenges throughout the system.
  • For the Vanguard – Complete 25 strikes in any strike playlist.
  • Legendary Valor – Achieve a Valor rank of Legend in any season.
  • Mythic – Reach the Mythic division in Gambit.
  • Vanguard Pinnacle Weapons – Earn a Vanguard pinnacle weapon from any Season.
  • Crucible Pinnacle Arsenal – Earn a Crucible pinnacle weapon from any Season.
  • Gambit Pinnacle Arsenal – Earn a Gambit pinnacle weapon from any Season.
  • Never Again – Complete the dungeon The Shattered Throne.
  • O Murderer Mine – Complete the Last Wish raid.
  • Valiant Savior – Complete the Scourge of the Past raid.
  • In the Shadow of the Kingdom of Sorrow – Complete the Crown of Sorrow raid.

There are also 2 triumphs relating to the upcoming Solstice of Heroes event, releasing on July 30th. They are:

  • Above and Beyond – Fully masterwork a piece of Majestic Solstice gear.
  • Fashion Hero – Upgrade the full Solstice armour to Legendary.

How To Unlock The Bad Juju, Catalyst and Emote in Destiny 2

The other type of Triumph players are grinding for are the ones found in the Tribute Hall section of the Destinations triumph tab. They are earned through completing activities whilst wearing and using Calus/Leviathan-themed gear, the more pieces the better and Exotics give more progress, so far I only know that Legend of Acrius works, but I’m not sure about Bad Juju. 

Destiny 2 weapon
Destiny 2 Exotic Pulse Rifle Bad Juju

Don’t fret if you haven’t gotten a full set of Opulent weapons and armour from the Menagerie because gear from the Leviathan raid and raid lairs also count. The load out myself and many of my friends used was full Menagerie/Raid armour, Alone as a god/Austringer, Inaugural Address and Legend of Acrius.

Tribute Hall Unlockables

Each of the Triumphs reward the player with a statue that can be placed in the Tribute Hall, for a total of 50. A large portion of these 50 can be purchased from an animatronic Calus statue in exchange for huge amounts of planetary materials and glimmer.

The prices on these can be dropped by 1% per Boon of Opulence placed, up to a total of an 80% discount. 4 Boons of Opulence can be obtained per character daily. The statues that can be purchased consists of 5 for all of the main races’ enemy types, interactable ammo, ability energy rechargers and vault access. Getting an 80% discount gives the player an Emblem.

After the player places 18 statues in the hall they are given access to a mission that carries them through a taken version of the Leviathan in the Ascendant Plane, Toland evens has some dialogue, seeming as Bad Juju was his creation.

Destiny 2 Bad Juju Ornaments
Destiny 2 Bad Juju Ornaments

This mission isn’t very hard and can be easily completed solo, completing it rewards the player with the Bad Juju exotic pulse rifle returning from Destiny 1. When the player places 45 statues, they receive the Bad Juju Catalyst, which can then be upgraded to make String of Curses last a little bit longer.

Exotic Emote “X Marks The Spot”

At 50 statues placed, the player is given the Exotic Emote “X Marks The Spot”, where the player digs up a treasure chest, opens it above their heads and celebrates.

Bad Juju’s Exotic perk has received a buff from its last appearance, now granting a 5x stackable damage buff as well as its signature Super regeneration and magazine refill perks. As with all mission exotics (Outbreak and Whisper), Bad Juju has 2 ornaments purchasable from Eververse for 700 Silver, being Aurelian Decree (Top) and Beast Magic (Bottom).

The Moments of Triumph event started on the 9th July and will continue until the 27th August so you have plenty of time to get all your rewards. Happy grinding Guardians!

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