Get Booted With Destiny Pampa Baggy Boots

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Footwear brand, Palladium, and Bungie have announced that you can now pre-order boots specifically made for the release of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.

Pampa Baggy Taikonaut & The Pampa Baggy Lunar Crew

These Destiny Pampa Baggy boots come in two styles – Pampa Baggy Taikonaut or Pampa Baggy Lunar Crew – and both feature the Tricorn symbol, along with lunar crew decals from Destiny’s Golden Age. They also in include Destiny’s First Light lunar installation location in Chinese, with 曙光 (Shǔguāng), “Dawn” and “First Light” characters.

Boots Destiny

The Destiny boots come in a “vaporous gray” colour scheme with “forged iron” and “matte gold” additions. 

Pampa Baggy Boots For Destiny

Pre-order Your Destiny Boots

The new collection is available to pre-order from October 15th in the US from the Palladium e-store and will be available to pre-order from October 18th in Europe. Be aware that they’re saying there will be limited numbers available in the US, so it’s probably a good idea to order yours quickly. Check the boots out at

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