Final Fantasy XIV’s Dawntrail Expansion – Everything We Know

Final Fantasy XIV’s highly anticipated 7.0 expansion, titled Dawntrail, is set to launch in the summer of 2024. This major content update will introduce a wealth of new features and storylines for players to explore in the critically acclaimed MMORPG.

Dawntrail is expected to cost $59.99 at launch, which is the standard pricing for Final Fantasy XIV expansions. As with previous expansions, players will still need an active subscription at $12.99 per month to access Dawntrail. New players will also have to purchase the Starter Edition and previous expansions in order to reach the new content.

The expansion was first announced with a reveal trailer on July 28, 2023 during the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival. Producer Naoki Yoshida touted Dawntrail as a “bold new adventure” taking players to breathtaking new locales. The key art depicting the Warrior of Light gazing out over a lush valley bathed in warm light.

Story and Setting

Embark on an epic journey through the treacherous Dawntrail, discovering new beast tribes.

The story of Dawntrail will lead players to Tural, an entirely new world that has yet to be explored. Early details suggest the main storyline will center around a Rite of Succession that must be completed to determine Tural’s new ruler. Familiar faces like Alphinaud and Alisaie are confirmed to play pivotal roles.

Within Tural, players will journey through diverse new environments like the cherry blossom-filled region of Tuliyollal and the imposing towers of Yak T’el. New beast tribe quests have also been confirmed, including one focusing on the mischievous Pelupelu.

Dawntrail’s PVE Content

Dawntrail level cap increases from level 90 to level 100.

Like all major updates, Dawntrail will raise the level cap from 90 to 100, allowing for new ability upgrades and progression. The bulk of new battle content always comes in the form of new dungeons, trials, and raid tiers.

Dawntrail is set to include two new 8-player raids at both normal and savage difficulties. The first will be based in Tural, while the second takes inspiration from previous Final Fantasy games. New alliance raids are also planned which throw 24 players together against epic boss encounters.

Outside of raids, players can look forward to multiple new dungeons, two new trials, a new treasure hunt dungeon, and fresh high-end duties to test their skills. The new tropical island of Thavnair will also introduce a new variant of treasure maps with rare rewards.

New Jobs

ffxiv viper 1

No expansion would be complete without new jobs to master. Yoshida announced Dawntrail will introduce two new jobs, one of which is a melee DPS while the other is a ranged caster DPS. The first class, revealed last week – Viper, is a dual-wielding melee DPS focusing on short windows of high-damage.

These new jobs will start at level 80, keeping up with trends from previous expansions. Leveling them up to the new cap of 100 will unlock new abilities, spells, and gameplay dynamics to keep combat exciting.

Graphical Enhancements

On top of new content and jobs, Dawntrail will provide the next generation graphical update to Final Fantasy XIV. Improved texture resolution, material quality, and lighting will take the game’s visuals to new heights.

Yoshida noted particular attention is being paid to improving hair, fur, and cloth textures. More realistic shading and shadows will also enhance details like facial expressions and armor. That said, the charming artistic direction will remain intact.

These enhancements will only apply to PC and next-gen console platforms, while PS4 limitations will keep graphics comparable to now. Even so, Yoshida encourages PS4 players to upgrade to experience Dawntrail at max quality.

System Updates

Aside from major changes, Dawntrail also brings quality of life updates to existing systems and activities. The dye system is being overhauled to unlock more color combinations. Glasses are being added as a new glamour item category by popular demand.

Housing will see its expansion limit raised from 18 wards to 24 wards per district to create more available plots. Free companies will also gain access to larger estate halls.

Lastly, a new strategy board will be implemented for raid groups to sketch out mechanics, enemy positions, and more. This should complement voice chat and make coordinating complex fights smoother.

The Road to Release

While the Dawntrail expansion isn’t expected until summer 2024, more details will trickle out over the coming year. Further story reveals, job announcements, and system updates will be divulged at upcoming Fan Festivals and in Live Letters.

Until then, players have plenty of new content to tackle in patch 6.3, which is set to release in December 2023. Looking ahead even further, the team at Square Enix already has plans scoped out for patches 6.4 and 6.5 to carry into 2024 right up until Dawntrail’s launch.

For new players looking to catch up in preparation, now is a great time to begin their journey into the fantastical world of Final Fantasy XIV Online. The critically acclaimed Shadowbringers expansion is included with the Starter Edition and Complete Edition bundles.

With an exciting new world, impactful story, additional jobs, and next-gen graphics on the horizon, Dawntrail is shaping up to be one of Final Fantasy XIV’s most ambitious expansions yet. Veterans and newcomers alike have a wealth of new adventures to look forward to next summer.

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