FINAL FANTASY XIV Online – Dawntrail, Pictomancer, Xbox Beta Details

At the FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Festival in Tokyo 2024, Square Enix revealed that the critically acclaimed MMO FINAL FANTASY XIV Online has now surpassed 30 million total registered players worldwide.

The developer also unveiled new details about Dawntrail, the upcoming fifth expansion pack launching in summer 2024. Dawntrail promises to introduce more jobs, races, areas, story quests, raids, and graphical enhancements to the vast world of Eorzea. In this post we look at all the juicy details, including the new job of Pictomancer, the female Hrothgar, new regions and the long anticipated Xbox beta for the game.

Pictomancer Job and Female Hrothgar Join the Fray

A group of characters standing in front of a mountain in Final Fantasy XIV.

One highlight is the new Pictomancer job – a ranged DPS that utilizes a magical brush to bring their artistic visions to life on the battlefield. Their aether-infused paintings can summon creatures, landscapes, and weapons to overwhelm opponents.

The trailer for Pictomancer can be found below.

Final Fantasy XIV Pictomancer trailer

Players can also explore Eorzea as a female Hrothgar come Dawntrail’s launch – an option fans have been clamoring for for years.

A group of female Hrothgar from Final Fantasy XIV wielding swords in front of a building.

The Hrothgar hail from Ilsabard and have an innate predisposition for leadership. While fewer in number than the males, female Hrothgars possess lithe, muscular builds.

Final Fantasy XIV Female Hrothgar trailer

Explore Striking New Environments

A stunning screenshot of an island in Final Fantasy XIV, adorned with enchanting waterfalls and lush trees.

Dawntrail introduces Solution Nine, a magnificent city with towering facades. Built by a civilization different from Tuliyollal, Solution Nine boasts a unique architectural style waiting to be explored.

A breathtaking screenshot of a captivating jungle scene in Final Fantasy XIV, beautifully illuminated by a radiant light.

From its grandeur to its hidden corners, players will find themselves immersed in a new urban landscape.

FF XIV Dawntrail Trailer

Heritage Found is another exciting addition in the expansion. This electrifying region is enveloped in thunderclouds that obscure the sun, while purple levin illuminates the land day and night.

A breathtaking image of a futuristic city adorned with radiant purple lights, reminiscent of the iconic landscapes found in Final Fantasy XIV.

Prepare to embark on an adventure through this striking and energy-filled environment.

New FINAL FANTASY XIV Dungeons and Raid Content

The final fantasy xiv raid arcadion's cover art with the words 'the arcadion'.

Dawntrail introduces several new dungeons for FF XIV, each with unique mechanics and boss fights. For raid enthusiasts, The Arcadion brings new challenges promising intense encounters and coveted rewards. An ultimate-difficulty raid titled Futures Rewritten will test the skills of Eorzea’s toughest veterans.

Players can also take on the collaborative Path Infernal questline bridging into the world of the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI title.

Engaging New Activities and Features

Those seeking new lifestyle activities can partake in Cosmic Exploration – traversing the stars and engaging in leisurely spacefaring adventures. Dawntrail also adds field operations encouraging cooperative objectives similar to past Eorzea expansions.

Lastly, players can take command of mighty beasts in battle as a new limited Beastmaster job.

FINAL FANTASY XIV Xbox Beta Release Date and Details

Yes, Xbox players will finally be able to play FINAL FANTASY XIV this year.

Before the game officially launches on Xbox Series X|S consoles this northern spring 2024, an Open Beta Test for the platforms will kick off on or around the 21st February.

The beta will invite Xbox players to create characters and journey across Eorzea and other realms as Warriors of Light. Testing prior to release ensures overall quality and compatibility for Xbox Series X|S owners joining the thriving FFXIV community. We’ll keep you updated on when the beta opens.

Those eager to experience the game can register for the beta and help evaluate features like 4K resolution and faster loading times exclusive to the newest Xbox hardware.

With cross-platform play already enabled, the Xbox version promises to further unite FINAL FANTASY XIV’s global population.

Alongside Dawntrail, FFXIV will receive graphical enhancements for characters, textures, shadows and more. Players can experience Eorzea like never before when the expansion hits in the northern summer.

You can find more details about the upcoming expansion in our Dawntrail post.

Free Trial Now Includes Past Expansions

Square Enix recently expanded FFXIV’s free trial to include all content from previous expansions, not just the base game. Hundreds of hours of story quests, dungeons, trials and raids are now available without a subscription. For more information, visit the official Final Fantasy XIV website, X and YouTube.

With major new content updates slated across 2024, we’re sure that Final Fantasy XIV Online is set to continue to thriving thanks to Square Enix’s substantial long-term vision and commitment to quality. We can’t wait for Dawntrail as the next step in that journey.

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