Fresh Extraction Shooter Project L.3.3.T. Bridges The Gap

The newly-formed game studio Holmgard Games has lifted the curtain on its first project, a tactical first-person shooter dubbed Project L.3.3.T. This hardcore PvEvP extraction shooter is slated to launch on PC later this year.

The game seemingly will provide the best middle ground we’ve seen in the genre so far – close to Tarkov’s slower milsim gameplay compared to CoD’s DMZ, but with some more casual-friendly mechanics such as faster movement and easier inventory management.

Story and Setting

A group of people standing on a tall building for Project L.E.E.T.

The game plunges players into high-stakes battlegrounds as elite mercenaries tasked with securing valuable assets in a world transformed by mysterious alien technology.

As a mercenary working for the L.E.E.T agency, you’ll take on dangerous assignments across warzones filled with rival factions.

The emergence of alien artifacts has left governments strained and paramilitary groups wrestling for control. You’ll need to survive firefights against lethal AI combatants and human-controlled PMC operatives to achieve objectives and unlock the secrets behind this extraterrestrial invasion.

Project L.E.E.T Trailer

Project L.E.E.T Gameplay and Features

A screenshot of a weapon in Project L.E.E.T
Image credit: Project L.E.E.T Trailer

Holmgard Games aims to provide plenty of customization options to let you craft your ideal operative. From appearance to loadouts and skill progression, you’ll be able to spec out a character tailored to your preferred playstyle.

The game also promises realistic weapon mechanics with authentic customization for stockpiling the most effective guns and gear for the mission.

This isn’t your standard run-and-gun shooter fare. Project L.3.3.T. doubles down on hardcore mechanics more akin to extraction shooters like Escape from Tarkov.

A screenshot of a game featuring various Project L.E.E.T masks.
Image credit: Project L.E.E.T Trailer

Health stats mimic real-life vulnerabilities, while movement and stance changes all flow smoothly and naturally. You’ll need to keep vigilant, utilize cover, coordinate with teammates, and acquire mission knowledge if you hope to haul your loot back to base alive.

  • PvEvP Extraction Shooter: Battle enemy squads controlled by the game’s AI while competing against human teams in a race to asset extraction
  • Hardcore Gameplay: Realistic ballistics, health vulnerability, smooth movement, cover reliance, mission knowledge and tactical teamwork are key
  • Character Customization: Tailor your merc through appearances, weapon loadouts, RPG-style stats and progression systems
  • Persistent Social Hub: Return to the Forward Operating Base between missions to resupply, upgrade weapons, interact with other players and take on special faction assignments
  • Limited Events, Challenges and Unlocks: Complete endgame content and time-based activities for exclusive rewards and bragging rights

Holmgard Games is an independent studio formed by veteran game developers focused on creating AAA-quality extraction shooters. Key talent includes industry professionals with proven track records shipping shooters and designing innovative progression systems.

Project L.E.E.T Seasons

A man is standing on top of a container in front of a building for Project L.E.E.T.

Project L.E.E.T will leverage an advanced SEASONS system to continually evolve the game over time and prevent repetition. On a quarterly basis, seasons roll out refreshed content and progression tracking to give players a renewed gameplay experience.

Each new season features exclusive time-limited boss hunt events with special rewards for top performer, continuing storyline missions that react to player actions, faction battles that confer exclusive loot, in-game events that alter combat conditions or map layouts, an arsenal of new weapons and gear to discover, and fresh character and gun customization options.

While players retain all unlocked cosmetics, weapon paint patterns and can transfer over a select number of preferred items between seasons, largely it’s a clean slate to prevent late-joining players from falling behind while introducing new challenges.

Project L.E.E.T Platforms and Release Date

This image shows a car at a gas station in Project L.E.E.T
Image credit: Project L.E.E.T trailer

Project L.E.E.T is slated to launch in full later this year, 2024, on PC via Steam and other major digital marketplaces. The game is currently available to wishlist on Steam, granting supporters exclusive updates alongside a special founder’s weapon pack at launch.

Access to the closed Alpha and Beta is available now with purchase of different versions of the game. For more information check out our post on the closed gameplay tests.

With its intense combat grounded in realism and customization, Project L.E.E.T aims to elevate the hardcore tactical shooter to the next level. Extraction shooter fans can anticipate this ambitious indie title that blends PvE and PvP seamlessly for white-knuckle showdowns in the war for alien artifacts.

This initial reveal shows plenty of promise for tactical shooter fans eager for their next virtual combat high. Check out Project L.E.E.T at, or on X, Discord, Twitch and YouTube.

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