Project L.E.E.T. Closed Alpha and Beta Tests: What to Expect and How to Get Access

Indie developer Holmgard Games has announced closed alpha and closed beta tests for its inaugural tactical shooter, Project L.E.E.T., coming up in March 2024.

These exclusive early tests will allow selected players to experience core gameplay and provide feedback ahead of Project L.E.E.T.’s early access launch later in 2024.

Alpha and Beta Test Details

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The closed alpha test for Project L.E.E.T. will take place on Windows PC via Steam in March 2024. This initial test is focused on exploring gameplay mechanics, weapons, gear, and visual performance on a specially designed map called Prologue.

Holmgard Games has customized this map to showcase all of the title’s core systems, minus some endgame elements like faction warfare and meta-progression. Players can expect to experience around 70% of Season 1’s arsenal alongside hundreds of weapon customizations and character cosmetics unlocked for testing purposes.

The closed beta will follow up after the alpha with an expanded scope based on player feedback. Anyone participating in the alpha will automatically gain access to the beta. These tests serve as a precursor to eventual early access and final launch down the road.

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Image credit: Project L.E.E.T. trailer

Since Project L.E.E.T. remains deep in development, the alpha and beta demand fairly robust PC hardware for optimal performance. Holmgard Games recommends having at least 16GB RAM, an Nvidia RTX 2080 or equivalent GPU, and a recent AMD or Intel CPU.

Players can participate with lower specs but may face performance issues. By launch, the studio is aiming for stable 60fps gameplay at high settings in 1080p resolution using mid-range modern hardware.

Getting Access to the Closed Tests

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There are several methods to gain entry into the Project L.E.E.T. closed alpha and beta sessions.

The most guaranteed route is to preorder any edition of the game, which comes bundled with automatic access. If you want free access to the Alpha, you can sign up on Holmgard will also distribute free alpha keys through giveaways on channels like Twitch and TikTok leading up to March.

Players hoping to get in should keep watch over the studio’s official Project L.E.E.T. website and social media pages for access details.

What to Expect Going Forward

The closed alpha marks the first hands-on testing phase for Project L.E.E.T. ahead of its launch window later in 2024. This initial test content represents a vertical slice into the overall package planned for the full game.

Anyone participating in the alpha or beta will get the earliest look into Holmgard Games’ hardcore PvEvP extraction shooter vision, helping provide valuable feedback to ensure an optimal early access launch and eventual complete experience.

We’ll update you with any new details about the closed testing, and check out our guide to Project L.E.E.T.

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