Best Farming Methods for Super Credits in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the popular twin stick shooter Helldivers, features Super Credits as its premium currency, used for purchasing premium Warbonds, cosmetics and armour.

Unlike many games that restrict premium currency to real money purchases, Helldivers 2 allows dedicated players to obtain Super Credits organically through normal gameplay.

We’ve played through and tested multiple difficulties and map/mission types to try and find the most effective source of Super Credits – and we think we’ve found it.

How to Get Super Credits in Helldivers 2?

Super Credits can be earned in Helldivers 2 by completing missions, exploring open world maps, and locating loot caches. Players are rewarded with Medals for finishing missions or discovering Points of Interest while exploring.

These Medals can then be exchanged through Warbonds, which function similarly to a battle pass system. The Warbonds offer cosmetics and items to players as they progress, including the valuable Super Credits.

Searching for Loot

The best mission type to farm for Super Credits in Helldivers 2
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Venturing out into the procedurally generated maps in search of loot can also yield Super Credits. So far, my best rates for farming Super Credits have been from Tier 4/5 Geological Survey Missions.

I’ve found these to be decently fast and easy to explore, while remaining relatively light on enemies.

Scavenging crashed escape pods and supply caches may result in findings of the premium currency, however the chances are low. Higher risk exploration into more dangerous enemy territory increases the prospects of locating pods carrying Super Credits. Players willing to take the added risks stand to reap the rewards.

Average Super Credit Farming Results

The amount of Super Credits a player can obtain in an hour varies substantially based on playstyle and optimization.

An unoptimized player may expect to earn between 10-30 Super Credits per hour concentrating on missions or exploration. However, a player maximizing Super Credit gains by targeting high value missions and aggressively seeking loot caches could reasonably expect to net 30-60 Super Credits in an hour.

High Risk, High Reward

A screenshot of a Helldivers 2 character standing in a room amidst an apocalypse.
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For thrill seekers and credit farmers, taking on higher difficulty missions appears to boost Super Credit drop rates.

The extra challenge comes with added danger, but the payouts are considerably higher. Similarly, exploration into dangerous enemy territory also raises the stakes but offers better odds at discovering crash landed pods packed with Super Credits. Risk-taking players stand to rapidly stockpile premium currency by embracing the challenge.

With Super Credits acquirable through standard gameplay, Helldivers 2 looks to offer players a fair free-to-play experience.

Dedicated players will be rewarded with premium currency, cosmetics, and gear for their efforts. More casual players can also progress at their own pace while still having opportunities to collect the most valuable loot.

Striking the right balance between rewards for all playstyles will be key to the game’s long term success when it launches later this year.

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