8 Ways to Make Money Fast in Starfield

Starfield gives you plenty of options when it comes to stuffing your galactic wallet. Whether you’re a weekend wanderer looking to pimp your ride or a cutthroat tycoon set on monopolizing the cosmos, there are tons of methods to start raking in space bucks. In this guide, we’ll cover 8 surefire techniques to have you rolling in credits and living that interstellar high life.

Loot Everything and Become a Galactic Pawn Shop

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The most straightforward way to profit in Starfield is simply by looting everything in sight and selling it. Prioritize snagging rare crafting materials, artifacts, illegal contraband, weapons, armor, and anything else that commands a premium. Comb through derelict freighters, abandoned ruins, enemy camps, and random crates to vacuum up valuables.

Once your inventory is overflowing, head to major cities with Trade Authority operations like Akila City or Neon. Shopkeepers here have deep pockets and pay fair prices. With enough Charisma and Commerce/Negotiation abilities, you can squeeze even more credits out of every transaction.

This method combines combat, exploration, and wheeling and dealing for well-rounded money making.

Become a Bounty Hunting Mercenary

Taking on odd jobs and bounties for factions and individuals pays well in both credits and street cred. Keep an eye out for missions that promise big cash payouts or rare loot as rewards. Hostage rescue and pirate extermination contracts can net you thousands with minimal effort.

Many factions also offer lucrative multi-part quest lines. Completing the full stories unlocks special high-paying gigs and powerful gear. With enough Persuasion skill, you can schmooze clients into better rewards too. Knock out a few easy missions between your other adventures to build a steady payday.

Exploit Hidden Treasures Like a True Outlaw

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Several easy-to-abuse glitches grant you access to secret vendor stash chests in the major hubs, scoreing you piles of credits and items. The chests quickly replenish when you wait 48 hours, allowing you to pilfer them again and again.

Popular spots include behind Shepherd’s General Store in Akila City and behind The Hitching Post bar in Neon. With some Sneaking finesse, you can totally rob them blind. This shady trick can have you rich beyond your wildest dreams, with the minor downside of being a totally unethical exploit.

Get Paid to Explore the Stars

Put your piloting and scanning talents to work by exploring uncharted systems and selling the survey data. Scan empty planets and planetoids quickly to maximize profits per hour. Once you progress enough in the main story, you can unload your data at faction outposts like Alpha Centauri and the Eye.

With upgraded scanners and cargo capacity, you can map and sell several solar systems in a single trip. It takes time but provides a steady income, XP, and the satisfaction of expanding the frontier. Who knows, you might even get to name a few planets after yourself!

Become an Interstellar Crafting Mogul

With the crafting skills, you can convert basic materials into much more valuable products. Invest perks into Scavenging, Science, and Engineering and stockpile crafting components from mining, harvesting, and salvaging. Use workbenches to manufacture profitable items like modded weapons, chemicals, and medicines.

The right perk build allows you to double or triple the value of raw materials. Sell your artisanal wares across the systems to quickly recoup costs and turn massive profits. Installing mods that improve sale prices helps too. Just be sure not to flood the market and crash planetary economies!

Dominate the Spaceship Trade Routes

Once you can own multiple ships, you can buy low and sell high to run your own interstellar trading empire. Look for beat-up but serviceable ships at bargain prices and fix them up with upgrades.

Then cruise to a system where that model is in short supply and jack up the price. With sufficient Charisma and Commerce abilities, you can inflate prices insanely high. Funnel your earnings into buying bigger ships to increase potential margins. You’ll be a shipping magnate in no time!

Join a Faction and Climb the Ranks

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Aligning with one of the game’s factions provides money-making benefits including access to special missions. Groups like the Crimson Fleet, Ascendent, and Freestar Collective have exclusive storylines with huge payouts.

Moving up the ranks by completing objectives also unlocks powerful faction ships and gear that make it even easier to rake in credits. The endgame faction contracts are intensely challenging but can earn you up to hundreds of thousands for a single job!

Embrace Cheating and Consoles Commands

On PC, you can use console commands and cheats to generate infinite money instantly. The command “player.additem 0000000f X” will spawn X credits in your wallet. You can add millions with a single button press, though it disables Achievements.

Console commands are perfect if you just want to bypass the money grind and get straight to the fun stuff. Make a separate save before using cheats in case anything glitches. Unfortunately consoles don’t have access to these magical commands!

There you have it, 8 ways to start stacking fat stacks of credits in Starfield quickly. Whether you want to roleplay a ruthless space mogul or just be able to afford that shiny new starship, these tips will have you earning money at warp speed. Now get out there and chase that paper across the cosmos, you aspiring quadrillionaire! Let us know your own favorite money making methods in the comments.

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