Neon-Soaked Mayhem: Ascendant Infinity’s Chaotic Charm Shines in Closed Beta

We played a few hours of the recent closed beta for Ascendant Infinity, and we were pleasantly surprised. The game is essentially a PvEvP, with four teams of three competing to complete objectives.

The game has a lot of potential with Apex-like gameplay, weapon feel and player mechanics like healing and shields. It’s also introducing a range of innovative mechanics into the BR space such as monsters that can cause havoc to your enemies.


Having said that, we were at a major disadvantage as we were on 175 ping on US servers, with no other option to change to Asia Pac. Playing in Sydney, this is something we’re pretty used to.

Read our guide to Ascendant Infinity for more details of gameplay, features and the developers.

Lobby menu

Here are our takeaways from the Ascendant Infinity beta:

  • The game’s introduction does a good job setting the tone with offbeat humor and establishing the core gameplay loop.
  • Environmental hazards like toxic gas flooding and EMP airstrikes add strategic elements and ways to get kills. Monsters like giant lizards can be set free to attack enemy teams. We found this to be completely overpowered in the beta – for example when trying to bank our biocores to complete objectives we were both killed by a rampaging lizard. When we were attacking an enemy base, the lizard targeted us again, instead of the enemies. Overall this mechanic could provide an amusing but potentially unbalanced advantage.
  • In game tutorials seem comprehensive.
  • Weapon customization options are extensive and impressive, though the impact wasn’t fully apparent in the beta.
  • Player customization is also very deep, allowing granular changes to character appearance like clothing colors and accessory placement.
weapon customization
  • Gun prices can escalate to the point of being unaffordable within the timespan of a short match. This economy may need some tuning.
  • The game’s sense of humor is reminiscent of Borderlands 2, featuring a similar style of irreverent comedy.

Ascendant Infinity is shaping up to be a distinctive adaption shooter, blending ’80s retro-futuristic style with deep customization, environmental chaos, and lighthearted humor. The closed beta showcased promising features, and with some balancing and iteration, it could offer a fresh and entertaining take on the genre when it fully launches.

Ascendant Infinity Release Date


No official announcement about the release date for Ascendant Infinity has been made, however it is expected in 2024 – we will keep you posted. Check out the game on Steam and on the official website for more details.

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