Conquer the Golden City with El Dorado’s Free Prologue

Gameparic has unveiled an exciting sneak peek into their upcoming strategy game. On January 30th, players can get their first taste of El Dorado: The Golden City Builder through a special Prologue version releasing on Steam. This free demo offers the perfect opportunity to experience Gameparic’s colorful world before the full title launches later this year.

Build a Civilization from the Ground Up

A screenshot of El Dorado: The Golden City Builder, featuring an exquisite island.

In El Dorado, you’ll take on the role of a fledgling settlement’s leader in the lush region of Jukatan.

It’s up to you to carefully plan construction, manage resources, and guide your people to become the greatest civilization in the land. This Prologue introduces El Dorado’s core city-building gameplay loop as you establish farms, quarries, houses, monuments, and more.

Appease the Gods for Powerful Blessings

As any great leader knows, keeping higher powers happy is key. In El Dorado, various gods rule over different domains—from vegetation to wealth to the arts.

By offering worthy sacrifices at their altars, you can earn unique blessings to boost your settlement’s productivity and influence. The Prologue lets you get a taste of this mystical system and the gifts the gods may bestow.

Conquer or Unite the Golden City

An aerial view of El Dorado, a village in The Golden City Builder video game.

The shimmering capital known as the Golden City represents the pinnacle of success in El Dorado’s world. You’ll have critical choices to make on the best way to handle neighboring societies.

Use military might to dominate rivals and seize their resources? Or take a more peaceful approach and band together against shared threats? The Prologue introduces this tension as you set your sights on the legendary Golden City.

El Dorado: The Golden City Builder Free Prologue

Gameparic clearly has something special in store with El Dorado later this year. But starting January 30th, anyone can get a head start on this strategy adventure for free.

Wishlist El Dorado: The Golden City Builder on Steam and dive into the Prologue to begin establishing your glorious civilization.

With 13 languages supported already, it’s an accessible and eye-catching demo that should excite strategy fans everywhere for the big showdown over the Golden City itself. If you’re interested in the city building genre, check out our overview of the best upcoming city builder games for 2024.

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