Destiny 2’s Mysterious New Season of the Wish Launching Soon

Destiny 2 players are eagerly awaiting the next season following the recent Season of the Witch. Titled Season of the Wish, this new season is set to release on November 28th and will introduce exciting new story content, loot, and activities.

The Story So Far

Details are still scarce regarding Season of the Wish’s narrative, but it is known that Guardians will be teaming up with Riven, the iconic wish-granting Ahamkara who was the focus of the Forsaken expansion. Players will also finally be able to unlock the enigmatic 15th wish from the iconic Wishing Wall.

A teaser trailer for the season shows Mara Sov walking amidst the shattered remnants of the Wishing Wall. Clearly, the events of the Dreaming City curse cycle still weigh heavily on her mind. With the awoken queen as an integral part of the upcoming story, Guardians will want to brush up on the events of Forsaken before Season of the Wish begins.

Venturing Into the Dreaming City

Early reports indicate Season of the Wish will take place largely within the Dreaming City, providing a long-awaited return to the ethereal awoken homeland. The season will also introduce a brand new dungeon for high-level players to take on, offering new challenges and coveted rewards.

Access to the dungeon will require the Dungeon Key DLC. This paid content will likely provide an avenue to deepen the narrative content of Season of the Wish through its shadowy halls and bespoke boss encounters.

Wielding the Void with a New Ritual Weapon

A new season weapon in Destiny 2, featuring an orange and purple motif against a dark background.

On the weapons front, Season of the Wish looks set to deliver an intriguing new Void caster sword as its seasonal ritual weapon. Named the Chivalric Fire Void Caster Sword, the blade features Repulsor Brace and Destabilizing Rounds, leaning into volatile Void 3.0 builds.

By dealing continuous damage with this vicious Void sword, players will be able to spawn Orbs of Power, keeping their fireteams fueled with Light. The new ritual weapon presents an exciting option for close-quarters combat, so Charge Blade enthusiasts should ready their sword arms.

With new story content, activities, gear, and mysteries to unravel, Season of the Wish is shaping up to be an intriguing new chapter for Destiny 2. As Bungie continues to leverage community feedback and evolve the Destiny universe, the next season is sure to provide plenty of reasons to jump back in and experience the magic of the Dreaming City for the 4th time.

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