Exciting Updates Coming in Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish – TWID Quick Guide

The next season of Destiny 2, Season of the Wish, is almost upon us. Bungie has started to tease some of the big changes in the TWID and new content coming our way when the new season drops on December 6. Let’s take a look at what we know so far about Season of the Wish.

Dragon’s Breath Returns with New Abilities

One of the most exciting reveals so far is the return of the fan-favorite Dragon’s Breath exotic rocket launcher from Destiny 1. This pyrotechnic heavy weapon is making a comeback in Destiny 2, with some new perks to allow for even more fiery mayhem.

The exotic intrinsic perk Burn the World passively increases Dragon’s Breath’s fuel counter when you don’t fire it, up to a maximum of x5. Firing the rocket launcher then consumes all stored fuel, transferring it to the rocket. The rockets will embed themselves in targets, causing periodic Scorch damage to enemies standing in the incendiary fuel left behind. The more fuel the rocket is fired with, the longer the effect lasts before detonating.

Dragon’s Breath also gains the new intrinsic perk High Octane, which instantly refills 2 fuel when nearby targets are ignited. Plus, when Dragon’s Breath has full fuel, it will automatically reload itself!

There will also be an exotic catalyst quest available from the Gunsmith called Pyromancer that further enhances Dragon’s Breath. The catalyst passively increases fuel regeneration rate and makes defeated enemies spawn Firesprites.

A green weapon with a shark on it in Destiny 2.

Economy Changes Coming

Bungie’s economy team is making some significant changes to Destiny 2’s economy and reward systems in Season of the Wish. One major change is the removal of Legendary Shards for vendor services. Legendary Shards will still be obtainable, but players will need to find other uses for their stockpiles.

Additionally, Lost Sectors will now offer better rewards for solo completions. Completing Legend and Master Lost Sectors will have specific drop chances for certain new exotic armor pieces. This should make Lost Sectors a more rewarding endgame activity.

New Emote Honors Veterans

Jumpmaster is a new emote being introduced in Season of the Wish to honor armed forces veterans and first responders. When used, your guardian will salute while orbitalinsertion pods land behind you. Proceeds from Jumpmaster will go to charity organizations that support veterans. It’s a small but meaningful way for the Destiny community to give back.

Last Iron Banner for the Season

An image of a man standing in front of a spacecraft in the Season of the Wish from Destiny 2.

Lord Saladin will be bringing the Iron Banner back for one final appearance this season. Iron Banner: Tribute is a modified version of the classic Control mode with some changes to encourage aggressive play. Make sure to get those Iron Banner bounties completed before the season ends!

New Dungeon Arrives December 1st

While details are still scarce, Bungie has announced that a brand new six-player dungeon will be released on December 1, shortly after Season of the Wish begins. Dungeons provide some of Destiny’s most intense and rewarding high-end PvE content, so fans are eagerly awaiting more details on what this new dungeon will contain.

Prime Gaming Rewards Available

A group of spaceships and other objects in the Season of the Wish on a purple background.

Anyone with an Amazon Prime membership can link their Bungie account to get free in-game rewards, including exotics like Dead Man’s Tale. New Prime Gaming rewards will become available once Season of the Wish kicks off, so make sure to link your accounts.

With the end of Season of the Witch approaching on November 29, claim any outstanding seasonal rewards before the next season starts! We’ll likely learn more about Season of the Wish over the coming weeks. But based on what we know so far, there will be exciting new experiences and loot to chase when the new season arrives.

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