Darkest Dungeon II – The Binding Blade DLC Brings New Heroes and Gameplay

Red Hook Studios has unleashed fresh horrors into the Darkest Dungeon with their newest DLC “The Binding Blade.” Available now on Steam and the Epic Games Store, this expansion introduces two disturbing yet distinct heroes, menacing new enemies, and discounted pricing to welcome a wave of new sacrificial lambs.

Two Playable Outsiders Bring New Tactics

The Binding Blade brings two afflicted outcasts into the fray as playable heroes: The Duelist and The Crusader. Each tormented soul expands the tactical potential of your team in bloody combat in their own unique way.

The Duelist dances along the line between life and death by alternating between defensive and aggressive stances. His special Riposte ability also allows punishing counterattacks when targeted. The Crusader, meanwhile, excels at sustaining damage on the frontline with zealous fury. His holy abilities provide stress relief and emergency healing to weather the coming storm.

Both damaged heroes come with fully voiced backstories revealed through special unlock quests. These missions offer glimpses into the deviancy and trauma behind their descent while awarding new trinkets and signature items to support their playstyle.

New Enemies and Gameplay Elements

An image of a man holding a candle in Darkest Dungeon, proving resolute.

This DLC also introduces The Warlord, a hulking mini-boss who wanders the dungeons seeking violent delights. With high HP, devastating attacks, and powerful guards at his side, he promises memorable clashes for even veteran players.

On top of the new foes, The Binding Blade brings additional gameplay elements that deepen strategic options. Short-term consumables offer effects like bonus damage against certain enemies while fresh town events and curio interactions create new decision points.

Winter Sales Discount

To welcome new players with the DLC launch, Darkest Dungeon II is available at 25% off on both Steam and the Epic Games Store during the Winter sales. This limited-time discount makes now an ideal opportunity to descend into the darkness.

Darkest Dungeon II’s Grim Setting

The Hopeful check in Darkest Dungeon 2.

For those unfamiliar with the award-winning series, Darkest Dungeon II continues the gothic tradition of the original. Players lead a band of flawed heroes through progressively more harrowing expeditions until madness and death claim them all.

There are currently five deadly campaigns available known as Confessions, each featuring unique areas and boss encounters. Along with the two new additions, the game contains a roster of 14 heroes to recruit. With many achievements, pets, and difficulty options, no two playthroughs are ever the same in this rogue-lite nightmare.

So steel your nerves and grab some extra torches – with new horrors on the horizon, the road through hell just got longer in Darkest Dungeon II thanks to The Binding Blade DLC.

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