Every Confirmed Season 23 Balance Change in Destiny 2

The latest Destiny 2 development updates have revealed numerous weapon tuning changes coming in Season 23, with a focus on buffing weapon performance in PvE activities, as well as some minor economy changes.

Upcoming Weapon Buffs

Auto Rifles will see a moderate 10% buff to their damage output against minor enemies. This should make them more viable primary options in lower tier content.

Pulse Rifles are getting larger 12.5% damage increases against minor and major foes. This substantial change brings them closer in line with Scout Rifles for dependable precision damage on tougher enemies.

Glaives have received sweeping improvements, with faster projectile speeds, 25% more projectile damage in PvE, and reduced delay before melee strikes. These changes lean into their hybrid ranged/melee identity.

Sniper Rifles, including Exotics like Whisper of the Worm, are getting a flat 15% damage increase in PvE. This change reinforces their role as heavy hitting precision weapons ideal for boss damage phases.

The Exotic Vex Mythoclast gets improved potency against minors and bosses, plus a massive 200% damage boost in its Linear Fusion mode against Champions, improving its endgame viability.

New catalysts are coming for Exotics like Thorn, boosting their capabilities. Thorn’s catalyst grants increased strength in PvP and improved its magazine overflow perk.

Quality-of-life changes are being made to the Exotic Glaive trio, with passive ammo grants and no shield drain, making them more convenient and functional.

An assortment of other perk, Rocket Launcher, Grip, and Kinetic weapon changes round out the update. Future seasons will continue weapon tuning, with buffs to Bows, Necrochasm, and Heavy Grenade Launchers on the horizon.

Osteo Striga Nerfed

Osteo Striga Destiny 2

All good things must come to an end, Osteo’s poison damage will no longer benefit from the SMG damage boost – bringing the damage in-line with Necrotic Grip. Luckily, it’ll retain its 40% bonus damage to minors from its Exotic status.

Quality of Life Changes

Wombo Detector Destiny 2

Convenience improvements are coming as well, with the ability to access your vault from orbit finally implemented, we no longer need to keep DIM open on our second monitors. Ghost mod energy costs are being adjusted to allow for more build options, primarily the XP boosts are being cut down to a fraction of their base costs.

Master Rahool will offer Shard and Prism downgrade exchanges, this in turn with lower glimmer costs for exchanging will be giving players an outlet for excess enhancement materials.

Overall, the Weapon Tuning Preview shows Bungie is committed to improving the PvE experience in Destiny 2, with stronger weapons, more viable choices, and quality-of-life improvements. The sweeping changes should shake up the PvE meta and weapon viability when Season 23 goes live.

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